Male Sheargrubs are dark purple monsters in the Pikmin series for Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! for Wii. There is a female one that is brighter, and it can't kill Pikmin. These two and the Shearwigs are in the Mandiblard family. These are the weakest monsters in both Pikmin games. This is the Sheargrub that eats Pikmin. In Pikmin, there was a glitch, when he would eat a Pikmin, he would eat it no matter what. Even if he is out of health, he will finish eating that one Pikmin. They later appear in Pikmin 2. Like the Female Sheargrub, the Male Sheargrub will destroy the bridge, along with the Shearwig and Cloaking Burrow-nit. A Purple Pikmin can kill it with a hit. If it eats a White Pikmin, it dies. In both Pikmin games, it drowns when Olimar leads it underwater. Its invincibility is not present in Pikmin 2.


Reel notes

"Males of this species are purple and have an armored head."

Olimar's notes

"This specimen is a male sheargrub. Having lost both legs and wings, the male burrows into the soil and waits to ambush small creatures that pass by. This beast's mandibles can be dangerous, making creatures such as Pikmin easy prey."

Louie's notes

"Spread several specimens in the bottom of a casserole dish and layer with sliced avocado. Bake until the meat is choice and the cheese is lusciously browned."

Ship Log

"Today I've learned something new about these creatures' behavioral patterns. They are very vexing bugs - they chew apart the bridges that the Pikmin build! All the effort the Pikmin went to... I must watch for these pests."

Hey! Pikmin Log

"This earthbound creature gave up its wings and legs to live in the dirt. It only comes out to defend its territory. I still can't figure out if it's shy or if it's desperately seeking attention."

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