Makoto Wada is a veteran game designer for Nintendo. He is mostly notorious for creating characters such as Little Mac and Mike Jones, as well as for writing the script for various titles of the Animal Crossing franchise, among other games.


Wada joined the Nintendo in 1986, and started working at the R&D3 Division under Genyo Takeda. He worked mostly on the Punch-Out!! and StarTropics series, first as a character designer and later also as a director.

After working on Pilotwings 64, he was transferred to the EAD Group; although he still made some design on some Nintendo 64 titles, since then he has mostly been involved in scriptwriting for various franchises like Animal Crossing (he wrote all the lines of Mr. Resetti in the first game), as well as occasional directorial roles on titles like Mario Kart DS and Wii Music.

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