Mahjong(JP) is a video game for the Famicom that was released exclusively in Japan. It is based on the Japanese version of the Chinese board game known as Mahjong, which is commonly known as Reach Mahjong. The game allows for two players to play at once, which is two less than the regular Mahjong game. A VS. System version was released nearly a year later, and was eventually included in the Arcade Archives on February 21, 2020. Interestingly, the game was included exclusively in the Japanese version of the GameCube game Animal Crossing alongside Gomoku Narabe Renju (both games were replaced overseas with Excitebike and Soccer). While Mahjong wasn't released elsewhere around the world (excluding Hong Kong, which featured an English manual), other future games that included Mahjong were released in America and Europe such as Clubhouse Games. The game cartridge's color was mint-green in the 1984 release and dark green in the 1983 version.

On February 21, 1986, Mahjong was re-released on the Famicom Disk System by Nintendo. It's unknown what, if anything, was changed. Other than a port of the 1983 version for the Japanese version of Animal Crossing and the 1984 VS System Arcade game, it has not seen a rerelease or sequel since.


In Mahjong, the cursor is moved by pressing the d-pad on the controller, while A is used to draw tiles and discard tiles, and B is to call the move that is selected in the moving window. Mahjong is typically played with four players, though since the Famicom only has two controllers, Nintendo was required to turn it into a two-player game.