Magus' Castle (or Magus's Castle) is the 15th chapter in Chrono Trigger. This is where Crono's party finally battles Magus.


Crono and his friends enter Magus's Lair only to find that they have to battle over 100 monsters. Along the way, they confront Magus' henchmen Slash, Flea and Ozzie.

After a seemingly long journey through the castle, they finally find Magus, who is chanting in an unknown language to summon Lavos. Even though Frog is wielding the Masamune, Magus is confident he can win the battle.

Throughout the fight, where all the fighters use magic, the Masamune's power weakens Magus enough that he drops to his knees, ending the battle. Reality suddenly seems to warp around them. Lavos' power creates a Time Gate. Magus and Crono's party members are all sucked into the Gate.

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