Magnetic Soccer is a video game released for the Game Boy system in 1992. Although it was an official work of Nintendo, it was an obscure title that was only marketed on the German shelves.

The game is a basic simulation of tabletop football, which in real life is a table of two football teams on a green field, represented as miniature models where each of them are attached to a spring or magnetic base and are flicked to strike the ball object.


As mentioned earlier, the game emulates the gameplay of the tabletop football in real life. Both teams consist of eight players and are arranged in rigid rows, in a 1-2-3-2 formation. These rows can be shifted left or right but not in any other direction - though unlike real life, when one player is moved his whole row of teammates all move at once.

The gameplay is otherwise simple, with a straightforward aim of scoring more goals than the opponent to win the match. There are really only two movements in the footballing gameplay here - stopping the ball from going in, or charging up powerful shots that can incapacitate the outfield opponents. If the match ends as a draw, the game proceeds to a penalty shootout to determine the winner.

The match is about to start with a kick-off between the teams.

The other features included in the game are the option of choosing the court surface (grass, ice and [hard] ground), along with a training mode where the player's team practice football by themselves. There's also a 'spectator' mode where the player simply watches two AI teams play against each other, and lastly a multiplayer session. 

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