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Magic Kirby is one of Kirby's copy abilities. It was introduced as a single use in Amazing Mirror, but was changed to a normal ability in Squeak Squad. This powerful ability can only be obtained from Boxy.


In The Amazing Mirror, Magic Kirby would display a roulette wheel which gives a random effect depending on where it landed. The effects were as follows

  •  ? - gives Kirby a random copy ability
  • 1UP - turns all enemies and defeated midbosses into 1UPs
  • Cherry - turns all enemies and defeated midbosses into food
  • Invincibility Candy - gives Kirby the invincibility effect. It does not stack with the actual candies.
  • Galaxia - Meta Knight appears and slices all enemies on the screen

In Squeak Squad, Kirby also gets various magic tricks added to his arsenal like doves and cards.


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