Madden NFL 2005 is a Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS video game that was released in 2004. It was released on the 15th anniversary of the insanely popular franchise which involves American football.


The gameplay of Madden NFL 2005 is similar to almost every other Madden game that was released on their respective consoles (excluding the DS, seeing that this was the first installment on that handheld). This version of the game focuses more on defense than in previous Madden games, with new additions such as the hit stick. Information on the new defense mechanisms can be seen below.


As formerly mentioned, the game has more defensive features than ever before. One new, and notably popular defensive features is the inclusion of the Hit Stick, which is controlled via the c-stick. Basically what you do here is approach one of your opponents and hit the c-stick to deliver a dramatic tackle.

With the improved defense, it gives players a chance to stop powerhouses such as Michael Vick (a player that was near impossible to take down in Madden NFL 2004) quite possible.

Madden Cards

In all, there are 281 Madden cards in the game that you're able to collect that will include cheats, power-ups, and so on. Not only that, though some of these cards have different rankings (gold, silver, and bronze), raising the card count even higher.

Collecting cards can be done by earning Madden Tokens, by completing camp drills or getting a certain level on your EA Sports Bio.

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