Madden NFL 2002 is an American football video game released on the Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance in late 2001. It was the last Madden video game to be released on the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. The cover athlete is former star Daunte Culpepper, who also was one of many victims of the Madden "curse" (Which has happened to every cover athlete of the Madden series).

Differences between Madden NFL 2001 and 2002

Since this was the first Madden video game released on the GameCube, it under went a major graphical upgrade compared to the previous versions in the series. There were also many new additions as well such as the Training Mode, Custom League, Tournament, and others.

Gamestats average score

  • GameCube - 9.0
  • Game Boy Advance - 7.8
  • Nintendo 64 - 8.6
  • Game Boy Color - No score
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