Mad Grinder
Mad Grinder
is a steamroller boss in the Mega Man series.


He has a roller and has the body and head of a robot with a mohawk (similar to Tomahawk Man's) and has a mace and with two wheels.


Mega Man 7

Mad Grinder was the first boss in the intro Mega Man's supposed to face in his first appearance. Grinder will toss his hair like a cutting boomerang that Mega Man must avoid. He can also try to crush Mega Man with his roller that he must avoid. Defeating him leads to the next boss, Bass.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

Mad Grinder made his next appearance in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. After Mega Man defeats all the Robot Masters in Episode 1: Search for Wily, Mad Grinder will be the boss in Wily's Castle. He appears without damage and improved abilities, such as lifting his roller to smash enemies and breathe fire. Mega Man must use the Centaur Arrow, the best way to defeat it.

Rockman: Battle and Fighters

Mad Grinder made his appearance only in the episode, Mega Man 7.

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