The Mach Rider (マッハライダー, Mahha Raidā) is the lead character of the classic NES game Mach Rider. The game never received any sequel and thus he hasn't appeared again, (except for cameos) but many elements from the game were used in F-Zero, such as the high-speed futuristic racing and his very similar appearance to Captain Falcon. Because of this, F-Zero is considered a spiritual successor to Mach Rider and the same can be said about the two characters.


Mach Rider

In the year 2112, following an alien invasion that results in the destruction of his unnamed hometown, the Mach Rider drives his bike, called the Mach Bike, in search of a new home. Along the way, he confronts alien vehicles called Quadrunners that serve as enemies. They are easily destroyed by the Mach Bike's machine guns. A unique feature of the Mach Bike was that it would break into pieces and reassemble when damaged.

The Mach Rider appeared in the arcade sequel to Mach Rider, Vs. Mach Rider. Each time the player completed a level, an image was gradually revealed of a woman with a dagger standing next to Mach Rider's bike.[1] It is unclear whether this is meant to represent Mach Rider's true identity, or if she is a survivor in the gated community of the resistance, as the only plot text in the game describes the 10 mission scenarios and she is not present in the NES original.

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Trophy Information

After the destruction of his home town, Mach Rider jumped onto his machine-gun-equipped combat motorcycle and set off in search of a new home, destroying all the Quadrunners who got in his way. His motorcycle had four gears and endless ammunition. When hit, Mach Rider would break into fragments and then rejoin together.



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