Mòrag Ladair is an Ardainian in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She is the special inquisitor of the Empire of Mor Ardain as well as the cousin of Emperor Niall Ardanach even though they both consider each other as siblings. She is also refered as the "Flamebringer" by the Ardainian military due to the fact that she is the Driver of Brighid, a Blade passed down the imperial royal family.



Imperial Province of Gormott

Mòrag is first fought along with her Blade as a level 15 boss in Torigoth, the capital of the Imperial Province of Gormott.

Empire of Mor Ardain

Mòrag is then fought as a level 31 boss in Alba Cavanich, the capital of the Ardainian Empire.


She is fought for the last time as an illusion created by The Architect, her level is based on her party level.

Pouch Items

  • Items types: Veggies, Art
  • Specific items: Quoteletta, Steamwork Organ


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