Mädchen is Perry's twin sister and the daughter of the Hero. She is also the granddaughter of Pankraz, the father of the Hero.


Mädchen has a warm and kind personality, being very sensible and often tries to make people feel better, like crying with her Father after he sees the destruction of his old home and admitting that even though she does not care for Kendrick's bratty attitude, she considers being his friend so he wouldn't be so lonely.

Despite being young, she has a very mature personality which sometimes clashes with her Brother's carefree and jolly side, but regardless they get along and are very close. Interestingly, of the twins, she was the one who inherited her grandmother Mada's ability to communicate with monsters, an ability she shares with her father. As such she has a huge affinity towards them and often prefers their company to other people even.

That being said however, she has a more feminine side, often worrying about her figure and even about the outfit she wears. She also tends to rely on her father quite a bit, showing that she is very close or attached to him often asking him to hold her hand in scary dungeons or just so that she can keep up with him, treating him with admiration, asking if he would carry her when she's tired and if she could hold on to him when flying in the Magic Carpet.

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