Lux-Pain is an adventure, mystery video game, released on the Nintendo DS in 2008.


A secret organization called FORT is looking the original source of a dangerous type of Silent, an evil presence that causes crime and death. The search leads FORT to Kisaragi City. After being unable to find the original at first, FORT enrolls Atsuki Saijo, one of their most skilled telepathic agents, in Kisaragi High School to find information about the identity and location of the original.



These are the extras in the game, which can be accessed on the main menu.


These are the scenes that are in the archive.

# Scene # Scene
01 Kisaragi City! 21 I'll try hard
02 Let's go out!1 22 Welcome
03 Let's go out!2 23 Try your best!
04 Let's go out!3 24 Be nice, OK?1
05 Out for a walk?1 25 Be nice, OK?2
06 Out for a walk?2 26 Let's eat!
07 Out for a walk?3 27 Shadow over Rui
08 Date Spot Tour 1 28 Hello, Kei 1
09 Date Spot Tour 2 29 Hello, Kei 2
10 Date Spot Tour 3 30 I love Atsuki 1
11 Let's play!1 31 I love ATsuki 2
12 Let's play!2 32 Gourmet Course 1
13 Let's play!3 33 Gourmet Course 2
14 Go together?1 34 Gourmet Course 3
15 Go together?2 35 Chef's Choice 1
16 Go together?3 36 Chef's Choice 2
17 Come with me...1 37 Chef's Choice 3
18 Come with me...2
19 Come with me...3
20 Nice to meet you


These are the images that are in the gallery in the extras.

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