The Luring Slurker is an enemy in the Pikmin series that is a member of the Umbloda Family. It only appear in Hey! Pikmin where it is the boss of the sector 7: Snowfall Field. Like other members of the Umbloda Family, it resemble a jellyfish. The Luring Slurker is a pink Umbloda with blue spots on its body and a cyan stomach and appendage, four large feathers are at the top of its head.


The Luring Slurker will try to crush the Pikmin with its appengage, sometimes the Luring Slurker will use its appendage to suck the water bellow it once it has enough it will freeze it and throw ice projectiles to Captain Olimar and its Pikmin. Olimar can throw Pikmin on the appendage while the Luring Slurker is sucking water which will cause it to fall on the floor and be opened to attack. After getting back up, it will froze its body and start to bounce in the room.



Hey! Pikmin log

"This floating creature makes its home in humid climates. It attacks by lashing its sticky tongue at its prey from its gelatinous body. Once it sticks, the tongue can drain the heat from a target. It's this property of its tongue that lets it turn the lake water into ice to drop as an attack. Hmm... All this talk of tongues and ice... I'm getting thirsty"

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