Lunar Pool is an NES video game initially released in the December of 1985. The video game is simply a game of pool that takes place in the future. It was developed by Compile and published by Pony Canyon. In 2007, it was re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console.


This game of pool takes place in the future, and features differently shaped and sized pool tables, some more challenging to complete than others, with the pockets being angled in different ways. Some have actually compared the game more to miniature golf video games than that of pool titles because of the dramatic depature from a traditional pool video game.

In all there are a surprising 60 different tables and 255 levels. In the single player mode the player must complete each stage and not miss more than 3 times, which will result in a game over if this occurs. In the multiplayer mode these rules do not apply, and the winner will be determined on who rids of all of their balls first.

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