Luminous Arc is a strategy role-playing game for the Nintendo DS developed by Imageepoch. It released in 2007 published by Marvelous Interactive with Atlus and Rising Star Games handling worldwide release. Yasunori Mitsuda composed the game's soundtrack


The main gameplay is an isometric tactical field with RPG elements. The top screen displays a unit's stats witht the touch screen controlling movement and attacks. The game features controls for both left and right-handed touch screen usage and button control.

A chief mechanic of the game is the Flash Drive which when the gauge is filled, allows a character to perform powerful attacks. Certain special enemies have access to Flash Drives as well. Flash Dives have the unique feature of only targeting specific units. Attack ones can only hurt enemies and recovery ones can only heal allies. Certain Flash Drives called Synergy Attacks combine multiple characters, each expending Flash Points and are close enough, but only a few characters have access to them since it's tied to story progress and character bonding. Units can also get some Flash Drives by leveling up.


The player can gain these magical item called Vitae throughout their playthrough. They can be applied to weapons to give them elemental and status effects. After being acquired, they must be appraised at the Witch Village before they can be applied


After a battle is finished, the rewards will be displayed on the top screen while the player can talk to one of the characters used in the battle. After the plot dialogue, the player gets a short conversation with the selected character with a choice of responses. A good response will lead the player to have a closer bond with that character which gives accuracy bonuses if the characters are placed adjacent to each other. Characters can also give useful items for good responses. However, the player is only given a limited amount of times to chat with a specific character before it will be impossible to bond further with that character. If the player responded well enough, a special cutscene will occur with voice-over.




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