The Luminary of Dragon Quest XI is an 18-year old from the village of Cobblestone. He is the reincarnation of an ancient hero who once saved the world. On his 18th birthday, Luminary sets out on his journey in order to fulfill his destiny.


Luminary is a young man with blue eyes and brown chin-length hair in a bob cut. On his left hand, he bears a mysterious mark that has appeared since the day he was born. The mark glows when the hero is in danger. He wears a long, sleeveless brown and purple leather tunic over a black long-sleeved shirt, brown trousers, and tan leather boots. Around his waist, he wears a leather belt with a small bag attached and he carries a scabbard across his back.

In Dragon Quest XI


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Base Stats



In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Luminary appears as a playable character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, renamed as Hero. He has the following Special Moves, which depend on a Mana Guage:

  • Standard: Frizz : Luminary casts fire from his hand. This can be charged for a stronger fireball, going through Frizzle and Kafrizz.
  • Up: Woosh: Luminary casts the Woosh spell, creating tornadoes beneath his feet, allowing him to recover. This can be charged for a better recovery, and the tornadoes that are generated for his recovery can be reflected.
  • Side: Zap: Luminary launches lightning from his sword. The thunderbolt's power can be charged.
  • Down: Command Selection: Luminary can choose up to 21 different spells.
    • Sizz: A fireball, similar to Frizz.
    • Sizzle: A stronger variation of Sizz.
    • Oomph: Luminary powers up, dealing but taking more damage.
    • Psyche Up: Luminary powers up his next move's damage, knockback, and shield damage.
    • Bounce: A move similar to Fox McCloud's Down Special, the Reflector. However, Luminary can move normally.
    • Heal: Luminary heals himself.
    • Flame Slash: Luminary slashes forward as his sword bursts into flames, dealing slashing AND fire damage.
    • Karackle Slash: Similar to Flame Slash, but deals cold damage and can freeze foes.
    • Acceleratle: Similar to Palutena's Lightweight Down Special.
    • Bang: Similar to Shiek's Burst Grenade.
    • Kaboom: A stronger variation of Bang.
    • Snooze: Luminary launches a projectile that puts foes to sleep.
    • Hatchet Man: Luminary slashes forward with his flame-coated sword.
    • Whack: Luminary launches a projectile that can cause an OHKO on a hit.
    • Thwack: A stronger variation of Whack.
    • Zoom: Luminary leaps up off the stage, then reappears at another spot. This can be used for recovery.
    • Kaclang: When this happens, Luminary will become paralyzed but invincible to damage and grabs. Be careful: Luminary will fall straight down while this has taken effect.
    • Metal Slash: Similar to Flame Slash, but deals just 1 slashing damage. However, metal foes die immediately.
    • Magic Burst: Luminary uses his magic power to launch a massive explosion, dealing more damage the more Mana was available.
    • Megante: Luminary crosses his arms and launches powerful blasts of fire outward, similar to Crash Kirby. Be careful: Luminary could die! This can trigger a Sacrificial KO.
    • Hocus Pocus: Who knows what would happen when Luminary uses this spell?


  • The Luminary's default name is Eleven, referencing the title of his video game debut.