Lulu is a character from the WarioWare series.


After Wario steals the golden pot from Luxeville, Lulu tries to challenge Wario to get the pot back. After every second, sixth, and tenth microgame set is cleared, Lulu tries to prepare for the confrontation with Wario, but often gets distracted. She also appears in the final cutscene of Young Cricket and Master Mantis's story.

In the final stage of the game, Wario uses the golden pot as his crown and becomes Wario Deluxe. After a certain amount of microgames, Wario starts to cheat and hide the control scheme hints of the next microgame. Lulu then appears and starts distracting Wario, so the control scheme hints can return. After the Boss Stage is beaten, Lulu reclaims the golden pot from Wario by squirting him with her water gun. Lulu then reveals to Wario that the golden pot is actually used in Luxeville as a potty. After the announcement, Wario gives the pot back to Lulu, who then returns to Luxeville.

After returning to Luxeville, the village elder reveals to Lulu that the village recently installed a modern toilet, making Lulu's efforts in getting the potty back all for naught.

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