Lulu is a playable character in Final Fantasy X who also appears in Final Fantasy X-2 as a non-player character. She is one of Yuna's guardians.


Lulu is stern and scathing, self-possessed, sardonic, moody, cynical, and does not smile often. She is nonetheless kind-hearted, caring and intelligent, and is one of the few Yevonites to question the religion on objective terms. Having lost her lover to Sin, Lulu has become reserved and prefers to keep her emotions locked up, choosing to examine the world with realism and logic. She is a big-sister figure to Yuna to whom she is fiercely loyal.

Lulu became Yuna's guardian despite initially objecting to Yuna's decision to become a summoner, and ultimately lets Yuna decide her own path in life. Lulu has no hatred or bigotry towards the Al Bhed despite their involvement in Chappu's death. Lulu is open-minded when it comes to machina, saying they're "only as bad as their users".

Lulu is stoic and almost never breaks her stern demeanor. Though usually uncompromising, Lulu is close to Wakka since they grew up together and comforts him when he is upset. Lulu has a seductive side to her, such as if Tidus expresses an attraction to her she says she'll add Tidus to "her list" and wishes him luck. Lulu's personality and figure inspire awe in the group's younger girls, Yuna confiding in her and Rikku wanting to be like Lulu when she grows up.

The experiences of her previous pilgrimages gave Lulu a new goal as a guardian: to overcome her weaknesses, to become the person she wants be surpassing her previous self. Lulu believes she must finish the pilgrimage as a guardian not only for Yuna's sake, but also for her own sake. Though Lulu misses Chappu she doesn't see Tidus as a replacement, unlike Wakka, whom she berates over his readiness to bond with the newcomer. Because Lulu empathizes with Wakka she feels she can't allow herself to be similarly weak, and thus tries her utmost to appear calm and rational, although her inner turmoil is glimpsed during her arguments with Wakka. Due to her loss she has restrained emotions on losing loved ones.

Lulu acts as a the guide to the beginning of the pilgrimage, but as her knowledge stems from the teachings of Yevon, she "represents an old age bound by traditional beliefs." When the party begins to stray from the teachings, the knowledge she can impart lessens and that traditional knowledge becomes a shackle.

Despite her harshness on Tidus at the start of the journey, Lulu warms to him, acting as a mother figure as she does with Yuna. She becomes more compassionate, and in Final Fantasy X-2 is more relaxed, having settled down, though she still gives Yuna advice and guidance.

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