Luigi Circuit is a recurring course in the Mario Kart series.

Mario Kart 64

  Luigi Raceway makes its first appearance in Mario Kart 64. It resembles a typical Formula 1 race. The race has 2 corners, the one near the tunnel is longer than another one. Luigi's hot-air ballon (blimp) can be seen during the race and has single Item Box under, allowing players to get a Blue Shell. It also appears in Mario Kart 7.


  • In Japan, The name was changed to Luigi Circuit.
  • In the Japanese release of Mario Kart 7, The "N" was removed from the initials for the Nintendo 64 putting it as 64 Luigi Circuit.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Luigi Circuit again appeared in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as its second appearance. It is the first course to have rainy weather, the next one being Neo Bowser City. The course is rather long, having multiple twists and turns. The course is rather difficult, and is not recommended for beginners. 

In the background, there is white building showing numbers 64 and 65. The blimp showing Luigi can be seen.

Luigi Circuit again appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! as first track of Mushroom Cup. Its shape resembles number 8. It is very simple, and is ideal for beginners.

The course has 2 turns, each of them having boost zippers. As the track does not have guardrails, players may cheat in this course by making U-turn and ignoring the turns. If you cheat, Lakitu may force you to make U-turn again and get back on course. 

Chain Chomp can be seen in middle of the race. He will try to obstruct players' progress by lunging at them, so a caution is required to avoid being hit by him. 

Luigi's blimp can be seen in the air. However the blimp always stays in the air and does not have an item box - just like what happened in the previous game. At the beginning of the race, Luigi's yellow garage (possibly pits) can be seen, making the whole course resemble a typical F1 race. It also appears in Mario Kart DS (see below for more info).

Mario Kart Wii

Luigi Circuit, which is a simple, straight-forward starting course in Mario Kart Wii gives an idea of how the game can start your abilities. The long straight that runs parallel to the finish line has an off-road ramp on the left-hand side with a power-up on it, but you'll need a boost from a Mushroom or a Star in order to reach it. Try to use the speed pads on the final wide bend for a huge jolt that will see you through to the finish line. Plenty of straights also make this circuit full of opportunities for using a Wheelie Boost when riding a bike.


  • October 2008 2nd Competition

A Standard race against CPU's, but no items, and only allowed karts.

  • May 2009 1st Competition

Race against CPU's at sunset (like the game credits) and Bob-omb Cars on the loose.

  • March 2010 1st Competition

Same as October 2008 2nd Competition, expect the player uses bikes.

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