Luigi's Mansion 3 is a game from the Luigi's Mansion series for the Nintendo Switch, released on October 31, 2019. Unlike the previous games in the series, the game takes place in a hotel rather than a mansion.[4] It is the third Luigi's Mansion game in the main series, being developed by Next Level Games. The game is 6.3 GB (6,300 MB) in file size, though more with downloadable content (DLC).


Prologue from the guide:

"One day, Luigi received a letter. The letter was sent by Hellen Gravely, the owner of a big hotel up in the mountains. When Luigi opened it, he discovered that it was a special invitation!

Congratulations, Luigi! You're the lucky winner of a free stay at a world-class hotel, The Last Resort! We look forward to dazzling you with first-rate hospitality and service. Please be sure to invite any friends or family that you'd like to bring, as well!" -Hellen Gravely

"Luigi was overcome with excitement at the letter and rushed to invite his big brother, Mario, as well as Princess Peach and a trio of Toads. Soon, they all departed for the hotel. Upon arriving at the beautiful hotel, Luigi and his friends were warmly welcomed by Hellen Gravely herself! Afterward, they were each shown to their rooms.

Little did they realize it was all a trap put in motion by Hellen Gravely in order to impress a resurgent King Boo. Awakened in the night by Princess Peach's scream, Luigi found the giant hotel swarming with ghosts. Not only that, but all of his friends had been sealed inside picture frames! Will Luigi be able to rescue his trapped friends and escape the hotel in one piece?"

Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and three Toads are invited to a hotel called The Last Resort for a vacation party, which they travel to via a charter bus driven by Toad. Soon after Luigi and the gang arrive inside the first/second floor Grand Lobby during broad daylight and all check in at the front desk with the bellhop/receptionist ghost called Steward, they are then introduced and later escorted by the owner of the hotel, a mysterious purple ghost woman called Hellen Gravely, to take the elevator on the first floor within the Grand Lobby upstairs and the gang all stay on the RIP Suites fifth floor. Princess Peach is seen heading towards her respective hotel room (Room 501), Mario to his (Room 502), and finally Luigi heads into his own (Room 503). Inside his hotel room, Luigi reads a novel whilst laying on a bed alongside Polterpup and quickly falls asleep.

Luigi later wakes up on a rainy night and hears Princess Peach screaming now inside a haunted hotel with everyone but Luigi gone missing, having been trapped in paintings by Luigi's nemesis, King Boo. Luigi gets out of bed with simply a flashlight in hand and exits his RIP Suites fifth floor hotel room (Room 503) and sees mysterious purple energy lurking through the hallway and walks towards the floor's elevator only to later find Hellen Gravely coming down from upstairs and walks out of the opened up elevator and shows Luigi the portraits where the remainder of the gang is trapped inside of with King Boo waiting right behind her. King Boo explains that Hellen was the one who set him free from Professor E. Gadd's ghost containment and vows revenge upon Luigi. King Boo proceeds to chase Luigi through the hallway, while placing Spirit Balls on all the hotel room doors, and attempts to trap Luigi inside a painting at the dead end of the hallway, though Luigi manages to escape by jumping into a laundry chute at the end of the hallway and falls all the way into a laundry hamper in the Basement.

Luigi is woken up by Polterpup and manages to find the Poltergust G-00 inside a red car, as well as the Dark-Light Device inside a vault on the Mezzanine second floor. After saving Professor Elvin Gadd from being trapped inside a painting on the Mezzanine second floor using the Dark-Light Device, he asks Luigi to escort him out of the hotel, although Luigi wants to save the rest of the gang first. After Luigi and Professor E. Gadd return to the garage, E. Gadd sets up his portable lab and gives him the Virtual Boo for communication. Professor E. Gadd then asks Luigi to retrieve his briefcase from the fifth floor, where Luigi recovers it from Chambrea and brings it back to him. The contents of the briefcase allow Luigi to call on Gooigi for help.

While searching the hotel for his friends, Luigi must also recover the missing elevator buttons from Boss Ghosts to access all floors. Along the way, Luigi manages to rescue the three Toads, who after being saved wait in E. Gadd's lab. However, Hellen Gravely observes this and grows more and more furious with his success, as does King Boo.

When Luigi reaches the Master Suite, Hellen Gravely berates him for capturing her staff and worries King Boo will be cross with her. She proceeds to battle Luigi directly, but Luigi manages to capture her. He then frees Mario, whose painting was hanging at the top of Hellen Gravely's room. Mario then leads Luigi to the[Rooftop where Princess Peach's painting was. After Luigi sets her free, King Boo confronts them and reveals that he found E. Gadd's lab, trapping E. Gadd and the three Toads in the same painting. He attempts to do the same to Mario, Peach and Luigi, although he only manages to get the former two as Luigi was shoved out of the way at the last second by Polterpup. King Boo, having lost his patience, then battles Luigi.

With Gooigi's help, Luigi triumphs over King Boo once more, although the hotel collapses immediately after the battle. Luigi is saved by Polterpup once more, and releases his friends from the painting. Several ghosts emerge from the ghost canister, although they become calm after King Boo's crown dissolves. Luigi, his friends, and the ghosts then work together to rebuild the hotel in E. Gadd's image, and similar to Luigi's NEW Mansion from the first game, the rebuilt hotel takes a different look depending on how much money the player ends the game with. Professor E. Gadd, Gooigi and the ghosts then wave farewell while everyone else departs in the charter bus. Luigi then falls asleep on the bus with Polterpup as it rides into the sunset.


Luigi's Mansion 3 plays much like the two previous entries in the series, Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, returning to a singular setting much like the first game while featuring a variety of themed floors akin to the second game's mansions, allowing the player to re-explore already completed rooms.[5][6] The Poltergust G-00 retains the basic qualities of the two previous vacuums, as well as the Strobulb item and the Dark-Light Device,[7] though adds a targeting mechanism when blowing out items or a plunger.[8][9] It also introduces new abilities, such as slamming ghosts on the ground or into each other, firing a grabable plunger with the Suction Shot, and creating a shockwave or being lifted up with a Burst. Luigi has a new device known as the Virtual Boo (VB), a parody of the Virtual Boy, which serves the same function as the Game Boy Horror and Dual Scream did from the two previous games. The money collected with the Poltergust G-00 can be used to buy Gold Bones (1,000 G), Boo Finder cartridges (1,000 G), Gem Finder cartridges (1,000 G), and also to buy hints from the Virtual Boo's E. Gadd Hotline while in the Lab inside the Basement to find in-game floor themed collectible gems and other various puzzles, which when brought will activate the HD Rumble in the Joy-Cons when getting close to a gem or Boo in morse code while in certain rooms on floors when using Gooigi, which can also be felt when using the Poltergust G-00.[10][11] Professor E. Gadd will sometimes suggest Luigi to come to his Lab in the Basement to buy hints from him to solve the floor's puzzles and such whenever the player is struggling, though hints can be turned off in the Guide/Settings menu. There are six floor themed gems and one Boo on each floor.[12] The game automatically fully saves progress whenever entering a room or elevator after ten seconds. There are in-game achievements for certain objectives. Story mode (co-op), ScareScraper (co-op), and ScreamPark can't be played in co-op multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch Lite without detached official Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. There's a brightness slider to control the hue of a given area from darker to lighter in the game's Settings. Story mode can be beaten in roughly five to ten hours.[13]

Gooigi, introduced in the Nintendo 3DS remake of the first Luigi's Mansion, reappears and is stored in the Poltergust G-00, hence Gooigi. Gooigi has 25 HP, while Luigi has 99 HP, and can be called upon to pass obstacles Luigi cannot, such as spikes and bars. However, it is weak to fire and water, and will lose all its health immediately if it comes into contact with them, causing it to immediately return to Luigi.[14] Losing all HP is going to get the player a Good Night. And it is not good at all when it shows King Boo having Luigi, Mario, Professor E. Gadd, Princess Peach, and the two Toads trapped inside paintings and it ends saying, "Good Night!"[15] Luigi and Gooigi cannot be controlled at the same time in single-player mode, but Gooigi can be controlled by a second player with the second Joy-Con (R) controller for co-op multiplayer. If Luigi attempts to enter a door with Gooigi out, Gooigi will automatically retract into the Poltergust G-00.[16]


Like its direct predecessor, ScareScraper also returns, allowing for up to eight-player co-op multiplayer (via four Luigis and four Gooigis)[17] to clear either 5, 10, or a random amount of floors between two to ten, with a five minute time limit for each floor, except the Rooftop, which has a time limit of roughly ten minutes. The mode also features procedurally generated floors, with different challenges on each floor such as Capture the Ghosts!, Find the Toads!, and Collect the Money!. It acts very similar to its prequel appearance, though adds new abilities and functions such as the super suction,[18] super strobe, a red siren trapdoor detector helmet, voice chat, and the Blackout. Boolossus awaits the Luigis and Gooigis at the top of the ScareScraper hotel Rooftop upon completing all the set floors. ScareScraper is more challenging than story mode, however.


A multiplayer party mode where two teams called Team Luigi and Team Gooigi consisting of Luigis and Gooigis respectively, set to compete against each other on different levels with a two minute time limit where they have to capture the most Goobs (Ghost Hunt), collect the most coins while riding floaties in an indoor swimming pool (Coin Floating), and manage to avoid hitting a wooden castle pellet trap and smash the most bullseye targets on the ends of a rotating wooden pirate wheel to win (Cannon Barrage).


  • ZL + ZR - Burst
  • ZL - Blow
  • ZR - Suck
  • Minus - Skip cutscene
  • Plus - Pause menu[19]
  • Up/Left/Down/Right - Toggle map (up)/call "Mario!" (left, down, right)
  • L + R/X - Action/Dark-Light
  • R/A - Strobulb/Slam
  • R - Inflate a floatie
  • B - Change movement
  • L/Y - Suction Shot
  • Leftstick - Move
  • Rightstick - Turn
  • Rightstick (press ×1 down) - Summon/select Gooigi or Luigi
  • Rightstick (press ×2 down) - Store Gooigi
  • Tilt pro - Aim up/down


Playable characters

Supporting characters




Normal Ghosts

  • Goobs (100 HP),[20] blue ghosts that can be seen wearing various attires such as those of hotel staff members and maids.[21]
  • Hammers (200 HP), red ghosts with square heads. They can be seen in various attires such as those of firefighters and boxers. They cannot be sucked up from the front due to the size of their head.
  • Oozers (100 HP), skinny yellow ghosts that can hide in furniture and occasionally pop out to throw food, then go into another hiding spot if not captured. Some Oozers may stay in place and also throw food at the player.
  • Slinkers (120 HP), purple ghosts that can suck the player into a floor portal. They may scare the player or hold onto them; Burst is required to blow them away. They can be discovered with the Dark-Light Device and are also tricky to capture.
  • Trappers (0 HP), orange ghosts with two blue tongues who grab and lift the player by the feet with one tongue and uses the other tongue to attack the player.[22][23]
  • Mini Goobs (0 HP), smaller Goobs that attack the player in groups spinning towards them with their fists.
  • Mini Hammers (0 HP), smaller Hammers that attack the player in groups with their arms swinging towards them.

Rare Ghosts

  • Speed Goob (250 HP), a red glowing Goob that is much faster than a regular Goob.
  • Speed Hammer (350 HP), a red glowing Hammer that is much faster than a regular Hammer.
  • Speed Oozer (250 HP), a red glowing Oozer that is much faster than a regular Oozer.
  • Bomb Goob (250 HP), a yellow glowing Goob that throws bombs randomly at the player.
  • Bomb Hammer (350 HP), a yellow glowing Hammer that throws bombs randomly at the player.
  • Bomb Oozer (250 HP), a yellow glowing Oozer that throws bombs randomly at the player.
  • Regen Goob (250 HP), a pink glowing Goob that restores HP if not captured.
  • Regen Hammer (350 HP), a pink glowing Hammer that restores HP if not captured.
  • Regen Slinker (300 HP), a pink glowing Slinker that restores HP if not captured.
  • Golden Goob, golden versions of Goobs
  • Gem Goob, gem versions of Goobs

Boss Ghosts

  • Steward (250 HP), a blue bellhop/receptionist ghost,[24][25] that is seen in the Grand Lobby first floor, and he's fought while in the underground parking garage in the Basement, where he throws suitcases and luggages at Luigi, and gives Luigi the first and fifth elevator buttons.[26][27]
  • Chambrea (200 HP), a purple maid/housekeeper ghost seen in the intro on the Grand Lobby second floor heading towards the Grand Lobby second floor elevator and is fought in the RIP Suites fifth floor in hotel rooms (Room 508), (Room 507), (Room 506), and in hotel room (Room 505), and uses her hand duster to make Luigi sneeze and she has Professor E. Gadd's briefcase, for the third floor elevator button.[28]
  • Kruller (250 HP), an overweight cowardly security guard/mall cop ghost that battles with Gooigi using a water gun from the lost and found on the Hotel Shops third floor in a room besides his security office for the second floor elevator button.[29][30]
  • Chef Soulfflé (350 HP), a French chef ghost that is fought in the Mezzanine second floor kitchen and uses his frying pan for defense for the fourth floor elevator button, which Luigi has to chase a mouse for through a couple of rooms until it's finally snatched inside one of the floor's bathrooms full of food and mice.[31][32][33]
  • Amadeus Wolfgeist (450 HP), a pianist ghost fought in The Great Stage fourth floor, who hides inside a Mad Piano for the sixth elevator button.[34][35][36]
  • King MacFrights (200 HP), a Scottish medieval-style king ghost on the Castle MacFrights sixth floor for the seventh elevator button.
  • Doctor Potter (300 HP), a botanist ghost on the Garden Suites seventh floor for the eighth elevator button.[37]
  • Director Morty (25 HP), a film director, on the Paranormal Productions eighth floor for the ninth elevator button.[38][39]
  • Ug (400 HP), a caveman ghost who controls an animate T-Rex dinosaur skeleton in a dinosaur museum themed area on the Unnatural History Museum ninth floor for the Basement 2 elevator button.
  • Clem (350 HP), a mechanic ghost inside Basement 2 for the tenth elevator button.
  • Serpci (300 HP), a pharaoh ghost with black hair who wears Egyptian attire on the Tomb Suites tenth floor for the eleventh elevator button.[40][41]
  • Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny (100 HP each), magician ghosts triplets that battle Luigi on the Twisted Suites eleventh floor for the twelfth elevator button.
  • Captain Fishook (300 HP), a shark pirate ghost fought on The Spectral Catch twelfth floor for the thirteenth elevator button underneath his left eye patch.[42]
  • Johnny Deepend (60 HP), a swimmer ghost battling on top of an indoor pool who throws volleyballs at Luigi on the Fitness Center thirteenth floor for the fourteenth elevator button.[43]
  • DJ Phantasmagloria (450 HP), a female disco disk jockey diva ghost wearing an afro who DJs and throws vinyl records at Luigi on The Dance Hall fourteenth floor for the fifteenth elevator button.
  • Hellen Gravely (600 HP), a female purple ghost who is the owner of The Last Resort that wears a long dress and sunglasses seen on the Grand Lobby first floor, RIP Suites fifth floor, and Master Suite fifteenth floor alongside her pet cat called Polterkitty.[44]
  • King Boo (0 HP), seen on the RIP Suites fifth-floor hallway and is fought on the Rooftop above the Master Suite fifteenth floor.
  • Boolossus (0 HP), a colossal Boo that is only fought in the ScareScraper on the top floor.


Items and treasures


  • Boilerworks:
    • An underground sewage area.
  • Basement:[49]
    • A underground Garage similar to the one in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, but with a red car rather than a purple one in the Basement.
    • A Lab where Professor E. Gadd resides in the Basement.
    • The Laundry Room.
  • Grand Lobby:
    • The main lobby/foyer on the first floor of The Last Resort, with circular hanging pictures of Luigi, Mario, Toad, and Princess Peach from the ceiling, which during night, are all rectangular pictures hanging from the ceiling that have an "X" across them, which if hit with a jack-o-lantern, will release a pearl.
    • In the back is a cubby section behind the front desk with over thirty five mail inboxes, which during nighttime has a safe that needs a Strobulb flash to open, and there's a clock behind the front desk on the left with a key infront of it.
  • Mezzanine:[50]
    • A dining room with a lot of food, with some on the ground, found on the second floor.
    • A hallway called the Elevator Hall.
    • A kitchen initially obscured by smoke.
  • Hotel Shops:
    • An indoor shopping mall area with an escalator and many closed stores, including a barber shop, a clothing store, jewelry store, and a gift shop[51] with a club, heart, diamond, and spade playing card suits alongside them respectably, along with a cafe in the upper center. This is on the third floor.
    • The Lost and Found, and Kruller's office.
  • The Great Stage:
    • A theater entrance, with a Goob moving the rug underneath Luigi, and two restrooms on the fourth floor.[52][53]
    • An auditorium with a grand piano. Toad's portrait is found here.
  • RIP Suites:
    • A fifth floor hallway with cleaning supplies and numbered hotel rooms (501-508).[54]
    • Hotel rooms such as; Princess Peach's room (Room 501), Mario's room (Room 502), Luigi's (Room 503), a regular room (Room 504), a hotel room with a walk in closet (Room 505), a hotel room with a mini golf course, golf bag, and a damaged couch with a golf club sticking out of it (Room 506), a bland hotel room still under wall painting service (Room 507), and E. Gadd's room with a balcony deck and briefcase inside where Chambrea resides (Room 508).
    • Near the vending machine area, Luigi can head outside to walk on some portions with his back alongside The Last Resort's exterior wall amongst the chipped off ledges on the fifth floor and a treasure chest can be seen.[55]
  • Castle MacFrights:
    • A medieval castle based floor featuring a dungeon and an indoor arena on the sixth floor.
    • A coliseum where King MacFrights resides.
  • Garden Suites:
    • An indoor nature area with plants overgrowing the rooms on the seventh floor.[56]
    • Several suites themed about different types of plants, such as fungi.
  • Paranormal Productions:[57]
    • A production studio with various movie sets and televisions that function as teleporters on the eighth floor.
    • Some rooms include; Studio 1: Horror Set, Studio 2: Castle Set, Studio 3: Fire Set, Studio 4: Micro Set, Studio 5: City Set, and the Backstage.
  • Unnatural History Museum:
    • A museum area with a T-Rex dinosaur skeleton, which attempts to snatch Blue Toad's painting with its jaws, on the ninth floor.
  • Tomb Suites:
    • A desert floor with a pyramid, along with mummies and Boo themed booby traps on the tenth floor.
  • Twisted Suites:
    • A magic/carnival themed floor with three magician triplets called Nikki, Lindsey, & Ginny alluding three floating top hats on the eleventh floor.
  • The Spectral Catch:
    • A cave-like pirate-themed restaurant with a pirate ship and a ghost shark on the twelfth floor.
  • Fitness Center:
    • An indoor swimming pool area on the thirteenth floor.
  • The Dance Hall:
    • A disco club with neon lights and a dance floor on the fourteenth floor.
  • Master Suite:
    • An indoor area where Hellen Gravely resides on the fifteenth floor, with King Boo on the Rooftop.


Achievements introduced in the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion re-appear in Luigi's Mansion 3 serving a similar role. There are a total of 53 achievements in the game, split into four categories: Collection, Hotel, Battle, and ScareScraper. Achievements can be viewed at any time by talking to Professor E. Gadd in the lab or through the Virtual Boo's E. Gadd Hotline. Special Items are given as rewards in regards to achievements, such as; Suction Shot Type-C (for collecting all the Gems), [lashlight Type-B (for collecting all the Boos), and Poltergust Type-G (for completing all the achievements).


  • Collected a total of 10,000 Coins
  • Collected a total of 6,000 Bills
  • Collected a total of 3,000 Gold Bars
  • Collected a total of 150 Pearls
  • Collected all gems in the Hotel
  • Collected all gems in the Basement
  • Collected all gems in the Grand Lobby
  • Collected all gems in the RIP Suites
  • Collected all gems in the Hotel Shops
  • Collected all gems in the Mezzanine
  • Collected all gems in The Great Stage
  • Collected all gems in the Castle MacFrights
  • Collected all gems in the Garden Suites
  • Collected all gems in the Paranormal Productions
  • Collected all gems in the Unnatural History Museum
  • Collected all gems in the Boilerworks
  • Collected all gems in the Tomb Suites
  • Collected all gems in the Twisted Suites
  • Collected all the gems in The Spectral Catch
  • Collected all the gems in the Fitness Center
  • Collected all the gems in The Dance Hall
  • Collected all the gems in the Master Suite
  • Captured all Boos in the Hotel


  • Rode the elevator 50 times
  • Found all haunted objects in the 2F dressing room
  • Remove all spiders and webs behind 5F laundry room
  • Sucked up all merchandise in the hotel shops
  • Cleared billards table in the 2F Entertainment Room
  • Found and defeated the ghost orchestra on 4F
  • Found the royal coffers in Castle MacFrights
  • Used the Strobulb on all strobe Flowers in the Garden Suites
  • Captured the director ghost in Paranormal Productions
  • Destroyed all exhibits in the Unnatural History Museum
  • Played music in the Boilerworks Observation Room
  • Found and popped the beach ball in Tomb Suites
  • Cleaned up all stuffed bunnies in Twisted Suites
  • Shot down the moon in the Spectral Catch
  • Got all mice in the fitness center locker room
  • Snuck into the hidden vault in the dance hall
  • Found the Golden Goobs in the Master Bathroom


  • Defeated 500 total pests
  • Captured 999 total ghosts
  • Captured 500 Mini Ghosts
  • Defeated a ghost by slamming it into another ghost
  • Destroyed a Hammer using a single tether
  • Slammed a ghost 7 times in a row


  • Cleared the 5-floor ScareScraper
  • Cleared the 10-floor ScareScraper
  • Defeated 40 rare ghosts in ScareScraper
  • Revived teammates 20 times in ScareScraper
  • Completed 100 total floors in ScareScraper
  • Defeated Boolossus 20 times in ScareScraper

Add-on content

Paid downloadable content will come to Luigi's Mansion 3 in 2020, with part one being released on April 30, 2020 for US $9.99 and part two releasing on July 31, 2020. Players who purchase DLC will also receive a Flashlight Type-P, which makes a Polterpup image on a wall.[58][59] Part one includes:

  • Three new minigames for multiplayer ScreamPark mode
  • Six new Themed Ghosts
  • Three new outfits for Luigi, based on a knight, a mummy, and a disco-styled outfit
  • Three new floor themes in co-op ScareScraper mode
  • A special bonus which will give immediate access to Flashlight Type-P that makes Polterpup's face appear when shining a wall with the flashlight

Nintendo Website Description

Luigi's dream vacation turns into a ghostly—and gooey— nightmare! Luigi embarks on a dream vacation with Mario and friends upon receiving an invitation to a luxurious hotel. However, his dream quickly becomes a nightmare when King Boo reveals everything had been a ploy to capture Mario and friends. With the assistance of Professor E. Gadd once again, the reluctant and cowardly hero Luigi traverses up and down treacherous floors of the now-ominous hotel on a quest to save them. Wield the upgraded Poltergust G-00 to slam and blow away the ghosts' defenses, or summon Gooigi, an all-green doppelganger that can help Luigi overcome obstacles he can’t get past alone. Interchange between Luigi and Gooigi as one player, or grab a friend and control one each. For more frenetic multiplayer action, race the timer to clear various objectives on a series of floors in ScareScraper mode. ScareScraper mode can be played online* or locally with up to eight players on four Nintendo Switch systems (additional games required; sold separately).

Pre-release and unused content

The game was originally going to be a Wii U title, though development started for Nintendo's next generation console in earnest following the completion of Next Level Games' Metroid Prime: Federation Force.[60] The Slam and Burst moves were planned during the Wii U prototype. Prior to his debut appearance in the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion, Gooigi was already planned for Luigi's Mansion 3 upon the Nintendo Switch's launch when the developers got the inspiration from the Joy-Con for multiplayer mode. While in development for the Nintendo Switch, Luigi's Mansion 3 was originally a tentative title prior to becoming the final name.

In an interview, producer Kensuke Tanabe mentioned that the developers had experimented with including a warp system where the player could turn on TV sets found in the rooms and warp between them to travel throughout the entire hotel, much like the Paranormal Productions eighth floor. However, as it was not possible to include a TV in every room, the idea of using this mechanic throughout the entire hotel was scrapped in favor of the elevator idea.[61]

The Grand Lobby first floor originally had a bland different wall design above the front desk area.

The Mezzanine second floor dining room had different table clothes with no table lamps on top and there wasn't a lobster or ice cream inside a white ceramic pedestal dish in the back wall table.

The Hotel Shops third floor indoor shopping mall's gift shop had a different interior design compared to the final version, as well as no stacked chairs or a janitors cart infront of it either.[62]

The Great Stage fourth floor theater hallway had no Boo design on the wall on top of the Mad Piano painting, but a later version does.

While Luigi is reading a novel on the bed in his RIP Suites fifth floor hotel room (Room 503) and quickly falls asleep, he didn't drop the book exactly in-between his lower stomach center area, nor has, "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" coming out of him while snoring. Mario's hotel room (Room 502) was different looking, lacking fog, had the purple comfy chair closer to the table near the bed with two pizza boxes on top, there was another purple comfy chair to the right of the table closest to Mario's bed, Mario's two slippers are apart from each other, there were four pizza boxes on top of a mobile serving table, the chair in the back left was tipped over, Mario's suitcase with his signature M emblem on it wasn't opened up, the table nearest to Mario's mattress had food that was tipped over, and such.

The Castle MacFrights sixth floor had dark and light stones on the back wall in the inner area infront of the wooden floorboards between both the rock and wooden stairs.

The Garden Suites seventh floor originally had a room with a large watermelon with three smaller watermelons besides it, though just four smaller watermelons in the final version.[63] The eighth floor elevator button on the Garden Suites seventh floor was originally to be collected by having Luigi water a plant that sprouts a beanstalk, which had to be climbed to reach the eighth floor elevator button on the tree's purple leaf, with the final version requiring Luigi and Gooigi to use the Poltergust G-00 to get to the top of the tree and suck on a venus flytrap's mouth open and have it fall all the way to the floor.

The Paranormal Productions eighth floor had the golden velvet rope barriers infront of a snow mountain prop near the elevator protruding out just slightly and had ceilings lights on the theater poster-like display hallway area. The Fire Set (Studio 3) room didn't have a Polterkitty, just a Hammer and Goobers.

The Dance Hall fourteenth floor originally had green/blue colored three way subwoofer loudspeakers.

The exterior of the ScareScraper hotel originally didn't have translucent windows.


Critical reception

Luigi's Mansion 3 received mostly positive reviews from critics, who singled out the graphics, fun and addictive gameplay, story, characters, level design, and puzzles; though some dismissed the controls for being outdated and inappropriate for the controllers, especially the use of the right analog stick. At the Game Awards 2019, Luigi's Mansion 3 won the award for Best Family Game.

Luigi's Mansion 3 on Metacritic, received "generally favorable" reviews holding a metascore of 86/100 based on 103 critic reviews.[64]


In the UK, Luigi's Mansion 3 topped the charts within a week of its release as the best selling Switch game of 2019, and upon release was only under Call of Duty: Modern Warefare.[65] By the end of December 2019, the game sold 5.37 million copies making it the 10th best selling Nintendo Switch game. As of March 2020, it reached 6.33 million copies.

References to other games

  • Donkey Kong - On the Garden Suites seventh floor, Dr. Potter waters a plant that sprouts and then blasts out pineapples that bounce down the stairway, which Luigi and Gooigi have to dodge to the best of their ability, much like how Mario had to dodge the springboards bouncing down the platform being thrown by Donkey Kong.[66] Vacuuming one of the exercise bikes in the Fitness Room will cause it to play the Hammer theme from this game.
  • Mario Bros. (Game & Watch) - The pizza boxes in the RIP Suites fifth floor in Mario's hotel room (Room 502) and the Paranormal Productions eighth floor Micro Set (Studio 4) say, "Since 1983," referencing Luigi's debut appearance in this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. - Upon arriving at The Last Resort's Grand Lobby first floor, a theme similar to the World 1-1 overworld theme can be heard if Luigi is near Mario.
  • Super Mario 64 - There are posters on the wall in The Great Stage fourth floor music theater area on the featuring various instruments with an angry expression, one of which being a painting of an angry piano, which Amadeus Wolfgeist hides inside of to battle Luigi. A small portion of Peach's Castle theme can be heard in the Grand Lobby first/second floor if Luigi is near Princess Peach.
  • Luigi's Mansion - There is a indoor shopping mall area on the Hotel Shops third floor with stores themed after the four suits of a deck of cards consisting of a club, heart, diamond, and spade based on the four respective Area floor keys. King Boo's clones have two fangs which is based on King Boo's original design from the game where he had two fangs. King Boo says "SHWEEERRPP-SHLOOOOP-WHOOORPP-SHLEEEOOORG!", mimicking the Poltergust, shortly before the final battle, just as he did in this game. Boolossus returns as the final boss of the ScareScraper. The endings for this game involving the rebuilt Last Resort hotel are similar to Luigi's NEW Mansion from the first game. Room 508 on the RIP Suites fifth floor has a poster showcasing the Poltergust 3000.
  • Super Mario Sunshine - The Coins make a similar sound effect when collected like in this game. Mario is distracted by cake during the intro in the Grand Lobby first floor, later pizza in his RIP Suites fifth floor hotel room (Room 502), much like when he was distracted and daydreaming about seafood while watching TV on the airplane in the intro. While Luigi is battling with King Boo on the Rooftop above the Master Suite fifteenth floor, he has to throw Bombs into King Boo's mouth and make his mouth catch on fire, much like when Mario threw peppers at King Boo's mouth during the fifth episode of Sirena Beach called King Boo Down Below.
  • Mario Strikers Charged - In the hallway in the theater on the Paranormal Productions eighth floor, a framed poster of Mario performing his Mega Strike move can be seen and another framed poster showing a bunch of characters running together from an aerial view.[67]
  • Wario Land: Shake It! - The same Coin Bag can be seen on the bottom left corner for the amount of treasures (G) Luigi has collected and can also be found in some rooms of The Last Resort hotel.
  • Punch-Out!! (Wii) - In the hallway in the theater on the Paranormal Productions eighth floor, a framed poster of Little Mac in his victory pose with Doc Louis and Mr. Sandman in the background can be seen. Using Suction Shot on the poster will cause one of Little Mac's green boxing gloves to come flying out. Two of Little Mac's gloves can also be seen lying on the floor within the Fitness Center thirteenth floor gym room, having been worn by a Hammer.
  • Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition - A gym room on the Fitness Center thirteenth floor has a parallel curved golden leaf design on the top wall above the horizontal wall mirror seen on Princess Peach's press letter, and the same parallel curved golden leaf design can also be seen if either Team Luigi or Team Gooigi wins during ScreamPark.
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Luigi has to find the Poltergust G-00 inside Professor E. Gadd's car inside the Basement at the beginning of the game, much like when Luigi had to find the Poltergust 5000 inside a car in the Garage. The flashlight he uses before finding the G-00 model is the flashlight from the 5000 model. In the hallway in the theater on the Paranormal Productions eighth floor, a framed poster of Luigi pointing the Poltergust 5000 towards King Boo is seen. A painting in the Basement, the Mezzanine second floor bathroom, the RIP Suites fifth floor hallway, The Spectral Catch twelfth floor pirate ship room, and some sections of certain floors in the ScareScraper shows the Gloomy Manor mansion. The same music is played when sucking a ghost with the Poltergust G-00.[68] Polterpup returns, though lacks pupils,[69] and serves as the tutorial guide for the first few floors. The magician triplets called Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny on the Twisted Suites eleventh floor share the same concept as The Three Sisters. A room on the Master Suite fifteenth floor has a small replica of the Gloomy Manor mansion with the Dark Moon above it.[70] The Gloomy Manor theme can be heard in the elevator and Luigi will hum to the tone after a few seconds once the elevator doors have been opened up, as well as in the Room 508 Bathroom on the RIP Suites fifth floor through a radio after activating it with the Strobulb. Room 508 on the RIP Suites fifth floor has a poster showcasing the Poltergust 5000. The ScareScraper mode also returns. Once Luigi completes any floor, the same room clear theme plays. Just like with the first letters of this game's mansion names, possessors, and bonus missions, the first letter of each common ghost's name makes out the word "G.H.O.S.T." for Goobs, Hammers, Oozers, Slinkers, and Trappers respectively.
  • Luigi's Mansion Arcade - King Boo's ability to create clones of himself is very similar to this game.
  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force - In the hallway in the theater on the Paranormal Productions eighth floor, a framed poster of a Space Pirate and a group of Federation marines can be seen opposite the Punch-Out!! poster.
  • Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS) - Gooigi first appears as a prototype in this game; E. Gadd hints at sending the prototype back in time in the remake when introducing him to Luigi in the Last Resort.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Luigi uses the Poltergust G-00 as part of his moveset and Final Smash attack.[71] Luigi also used the Poltergust G-00 during Simon and Richter's debut trailer in a failed attempt at warding off mummies.[72]
  • Mario Kart Tour - King Boo has an alternate form using his Luigi's Mansion 3 design.[73]


  • Luigi's new Poltergust was teased in a trailer for the inclusion of Simon Belmont in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, almost a month before Luigi's Mansion 3 was made known to the public. It's name is Poltegust G-00 and there are many improvements to the original models, being able to throw plungers and a jet propulsion which makes Luigi jump.
  • This is the fourth Mario game to star only Luigi, with the first being Mario is Missing!.
  • This is the first Luigi's Mansion game to feature a Black Hole. In this case, it is a giant painting that is devouring the hotel that serves as the game's focus.
  • This is also the first Luigi's Mansion game where Princess Peach physically appears. She was absent in the first two games, but she was mentioned by Toad in the first game.


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