Kooky von Koopa in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Ludwig von Koopa, or Kooky von Koopa as he was called in the cartoons, is the eldest of the Koopalings and possibly the leader and was presumably third in line to the throne, before the Koopalings were retconned to being Bowser's minions rather than his children. He is modeled after Ludwig Van Beethoven.


Ludwig has a green head, with small eyes, big, beige lips with a nose above them, and one, visible tooth. He also wears one pair of wristwear, with silver spikes around them. For hair, he has a blue, wig-like hairpiece. He also has dark blue eyebrows. He has a blue, spike-induced shell with orange rings surrounding the spikes. He dons a magic wand-like silver scepter, with a blue, spherical crystal. The rest of his body is similar to an average Koopaling.


Super Mario Bros. 3

Ludwig first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3. He is the oldest Koopaling and second in command. Ludwig took over the Pipe Maze. His rule was firm until Mario fought his way onto his airship and fought him. Ludwig attacked by using wand blasts and creating a stunning earthquake attack. This made him the hardest Koopaling, but it took only 3 hits on the head or several fireballs to defeat him. Ludwig gave up his wand and left to an unknown place.

Super Mario World

After Bowser takes control over Dinosaur Land, Ludwig and his siblings (minus Larry) were granted a land. Ludwig received Twin Bridges, residing in Castle #4 while composing Koopa Symphonies. He also captured a Yoshi Egg in the process. However, Mario and his new friend Yoshi came to rescue the egg. Mario fought Ludwig in his castle, where Ludwig proved to have a different attack pattern than his siblings. He fought by spitting fireballs, spinning in his shell and jumping a distance. Though Ludwig was defeated, his castle also rocketed into a nearby bush where it hit it, and the bush got a bandage on the spot were it was hit.

Yoshi's Safari

When his younger brother, Iggy, invented some mechs, Ludwig got one. The Koopa Family stole the 12 gems of Jewelry Land, and Ludwig received one. Ludwig was forced to fight for it when Mario and Yoshi arrived with the Super Scope. Ludwig fought in a giant turtle mech, where after they shot a purple button on his back it would explode, leaving two feet. Ludwig came back in a smaller mech with arms, though the arms and mech were destroyed after multiple shots. After his mech was destroyed, Ludwig gave up the gem.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

After many years, Bowser Jr. becomes second in command. Presumably, the Koopalings, after their multiple failures to get rid of Mario and Luigi, were demoted to only guard the castle and act like minions. Having no more use for failures, Bowser thought it was the only thing they were good at. However, when Cackletta possessed the tyrant and went to his air castle as Bowletta, she found the Koopalings. Finding them useful to fight, she hypnotized them into re-fighting the Mario Bros. Ludwig was the fourth to be fought and he attacked by re-using the spinning in his shell and spitting fireballs. Ludwig was once again defeated and what happened to him and his siblings after their defeat is unknown.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

After years of being unused, Ludwig and his siblings reappeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The Koopalings and Bowser Jr. kidnapped Princess Peach once again. Ludwig was once again the last Koopaling to be fought as he is the boss of the Sky Level, World 7. Ludwig fought Mario and co. by using homing magic fireballs and using the never-before seen ability to Flutter Jump, though this was a failure as he was too injured from the fight and retreated to his castle. Ludwig fought again on rising platforms, casting four magic fireballs, and with the Flutter Jump. This battleground was useful, though it couldn't stop Mario's gang as he was once again defeated and fell off screen. Ludwig survived though, as he is seen helping Bowser up at World 8, though insult-to-injury: the castle falls on the Koopa Family.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Ludwig is, once again, the final Koopaling to be fought (if you do all of the Koopalings in order). He is the boss of World 5. He appears after Mario defeated either Morton or Lemmy, roared at him, and dragged away Princess Peach. In his battle, he could Flutter Jump to grab onto a chain. He shot magic blasts, and Mario had to use the cannon in the arena to shoot upwards, and knock Ludwig off the chain. Ludwig fell to the ground and got dizzy, and when Mario stomped on him, he spun in his shell. After the third hit, the chain he is holding on to starts to swing, making it harder for Mario to knock him off. But Ludwig was defeated by Mario, and he got the key to World 6. He later appears alongside his siblings in Bowser's Castle (Bowser's Incinerator), turning Mario to stone with the Koopa Clown Car. He later made Bowser large. When Bowser was defeated, he, Lemmy, Morton, Wendy, Larry, Iggy, and Roy dragged him away with the Koopa Clown Car, but their weight was too much, and they crashed. Ludwig was away from the crash site, sulking in disbelief.

New Super Mario Bros. U

After his defeat in New Super Mario Bros. 2, he, his siblings, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Boom Boom returned in New Super Mario Bros. U. Ludwig is yet again the last Koopaling to be fought and is the boss of the world Meringue Clouds. The eldest Koopaling has now mastered the ability to levitate and to clone himself, like younger siblings Lemmy and Wendy. Ludwig divides into three and Mario has to guess who is the real Ludwig. If a duplicate is jumped on, it simply disappears. As usual, it takes three hits for Ludwig to go down.

But Ludwig survived the battle and his youngest brother, Bowser Jr., took him and his siblings on his airship. But Bowser goes on the airship and the airship loses balance, leaving Ludwig to hold on to Iggy, along with the other Koopalings, to hold onto Bowser's tail.

Non-canon appearances

Mario is Missing

When Bowser traveled to Earth to flood Antartica, he brought the Koopalings (minus Morton) to help. When Bowser also managed to capture Mario, he sent several of his kids to fight Luigi, so he wouldn't interfere. Ludwig was one of them. In the SNES version, Ludwig wouldn't attack when Luigi came to fight, but would just run around. It only took 6 hits on the head to beat him. In the PC version, he doesn't do this, only talks to Luigi until he gets a Fire Flower to destroy the Beethoven with it.

Hotel Mario

In this hotel game, Bowser took over the Mushroom Kingdom and gave several hotels to his kids. Ludwig's Thump Hotel was one of them. Ludwig, again, also faced Mario in it as well, fighting by using lightning and teleporting. These new abilities were very powerful but in the end he was taken out by Mario. The plumber then destroyed the Hotel.

Super Princess Peach

Originally, Ludwig and his team were going to appear in this game, though were only used in the beta version. Ludwig's sprites showed that he could laugh, spit fire, spin in his shell and jump, though nothing else is known.



  • In both Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, Ludwig had white hair instead of blue hair, due to graphical limitations at the time. Additionally, in Super Mario World, Ludwig had a yellow shell.


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