The Lucky Seven is an item that was introduced in Mario Kart 7. The rarest and most special item available from the item boxes in the game, the Lucky Seven conjures up seven different items all at once that will then rotate around the lucky driver. It is generally found within the range of seventh-to-fourth driver places.

The items in question are a banana, one green and red shell each, mushroomBob-ombBlooper, and a Star; as they orbit they can be picked and chosen, with the item standing in front of the driver being the one that gets activated.  

The item also features in battle and VS. Modes as well, but with an interesting twist; the settings enable the dominant player to choose just one variety of item to be used if desired like shells, bananas, mushrooms or bombs only. In this case, when a Lucky Seven is obtained there would be seven of the exact same item.

Whilst the item technically has made only one appearance in the series, due to its purpose of evoking the number seven written in the game's title, the concept of it has been borrowed onto Crazy Eight in Mario Kart 8 + DeluxeIts successor is very similar, sharing the same concept of multiple items but in this case with eight items.


The item is simply a red number seven, matching the the number seven written in its game's title, Mario Kart 7.


Peach using the seven items.

  • When you receive this item, it is recommended that you dispose most of the items quickly, especially when driving within a crowded area. The large number of items orbiting around the driver makes accidental collisions from other opponents more likely, bringing variable consequences depending on which item is hit.
    • For instance, if the bomb gets hit then all the drivers in the blast radius and the items would get blown up, completely wasting the Lucky Seven. Hence, consider disposing your bomb first, then lastly use your shells.
  • However, inversely this can also be used to your advantage if another driver within your range is carrying seven items - you can aim to steal their star and attack them at the spot.


  • When this item is obtained from an item box, it plays out a special sound effect.
  • The Lucky Seven name is directly derived from the number seven's connotations with good luck, such as winning triple sevens in jackpots.
  • If the settings have been changed to shells only in battle or VS. Mode, the Lucky Seven when obtained will grant seven red shells.
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