Lost Kingdom is one of the Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey, with the principle location being the Forgotten Isle. It is a small kingdom that is relatively unpopulated. The region currency is leaf-shaped. There are 35 Power Moons and 50 regional Coins.


This kingdom is covered by jungles, mushroom yards, caves, hills, seaside and lakes. Notable natural formations this kingdom is rivers, lakes and swamps full with purple toxic water. It is located south-east of the Cloud Kingdom and south-west of the Metro Kingdom.

Key Locations

  • Swamp Hill
  • Mountainside Platform
  • Rocky Mountain Summit


As name implies, here is a kingdom where no one know which exist until Mario with Cappy discover the coordinates in following in Super Mario Odyssey. Involuntarily, Mario and Cappy fall this kingdom during the battle against Bowser in Nimbus Arena when Bowser's airships shoot down the Odyssey. Mario and Cappy have to gather 10 Power Moons before they can get to their next stop; the Metro Kingdom.



The primary enemies are the following:

Power Moons

On the player's initial visit 20 of the 35 Power Moons are accessible with one more when they come back. After defeating Bowser, the remaining moons can be collected


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