Lost Magic is an RPG game that was released for the Nintendo DS in early 2006. It is noted for being the first third party Nintendo Wifi Connection game to hit western shores, and the second for Japan.

It has a unique gameplay system that involves holding down the L button (or R button if the player is left-handed) and drawing runes of different elements on the touch screen for different effects. As more runes are learned, they can be combined to make more powerful spells with several effects like making an area of enemy units slow or increasing your team's defenses. You can also capture and take control of monsters to use in battle that can be summoned to a small limit and used as pawns. Once you have progressed farther enough into the game, you learn the Duo Rune. You can combine two runes with this technique. Near the end, you will be tought the Trio Rune. There are not many combinations for this, so you must seek them out.

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