Lorelei is an Ice-type Trainer and member of the Indigo Elite Four.


Lorelei is the first Trainer of the Elite Four. She is known for her logical, calculated, and cool style of battling.

In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen it's revealed that she grew up on Four Island. Lorelei returns to her home to protect the Icefall Cave from Team Rocket at one point in the game. She also collects stuffed Pokémon dolls that she keeps in her house on Four Island.

Her Lapras has been with her ever since she was a child. She caught it when she was very young in the Icefall Cave.

Misty idolizes her, as in the anime.

Her whereabouts in Generation II and Generation IV are unknown, as she is no longer a member of the Elite Four, and no mention of her is made, though dialogue present in FireRed and LeafGreen indicates that she may have given up her position among the Elite Four to protect her friends and family in the Sevii Islands.


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