The Lord of Lightning also known as the Ruined Dragon, is a giant dragon that serves as the Boss of the Ruined Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. As its name may hint, the Lord of Lightning attacks with various electricity based attacks. It holds a yellow Multi Moon that will be dropped once the dragon is defeated. He can also be fought in a rematch in one of the paintings of the Mushroom Kingdom.


The Lord of Lightning will first fire a purple electricity beam that will split in rings, if Mario touches the rings, he will take damage. Once the first attack is over, the Lord of Lightning will slam its huge head on the ground and release electric waves that must be avoided. The dragon is vulnerable to attacks after the second attack, Mario must climb on its head and use Cappy to remove the golden pillars stuck in its head, once removed, Mario can Ground Pound its head. After three cycles, the Lord of Lightning is defeated.

During the rematch, the floor is frozen and slippery which makes the fight harder due to the ice physics of the game. The electric waves created by the Lord of Lightning are also different, this time they are on two levels of height and Mario must either jump or stay still depending on the height to avoid the waves.


  • Like the T-Rex, the Lord of Lightning is a gigantic photorealistic creature that clashes with the cartoony artstyle of Super Mario Odyssey
  • The Lord of Lightning is the only Boss that stays in the level he is fought in after its defeat.


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