The Long Water Dumple is a member of the Grub-Dog Family serving as the Boss of the Verdant Waterfront. It is a huge predator that looks similar to its cousin the Water Dumple but with a more eel like body.


The Long Water Dumple starts by swimming in the background before showing up on one of the sides of the screen where it will lunge toward Olimar and the Pikmin. The captain must avoid its charge and throw Pikmin on it while it is swimming past the group. After a while, the Long Water Dumple will knock off all of the Pikmin and violently rub agaisnt the wall causing boulders to fall from the ceilling. Once its health is down to the last third, the Long Water Dumple will also starts to spit out boulders.


Hey! Pikmin log

"Pikmin seem to bounce right off the thick hairs on its head, leaving them vulnerable to being swallowed up. It's the terror of the seas! The two glowing orbs on stalks function like eyes. According to the S.S. Dolphin II, they are delicious when roasted, but I don't have the stomach to try."

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