Lloyd ​is a capturable boss character from Fire Emblem Fates.


Lloyd appears with Llewelyn as an optional Boss in Kana's paralogue. They only appear on turn 8, and can thus be easily missed. In the paralogue, Lloyd and Llewelyn, impressed by the power displayed by Kana in his/her feral dragon form, decide to capture him/her and tame him/her as their pet.

Lloyd and Llewelyn also appear in the DLC episode Ghostly Gold, where they are charged with the task of guarding the relics that are located in some ruins. When the relics begin to be smashed by invisible assailants, the brothers, driven into a state of fluster, hire Corrin and his/her army to guard them while they get a well-deserved slumber. Following the conclusion of the ensuing battle, both brothers express surprise to learn that ghosts are responsible for pillaging the ruins. As a means of expressing their gratitude for Corrin's service, the brothers permit them to retain the gold that has been gathered throughout the battle.

Lloyd and Llewelyn also feature in the DLC episode Anna on the Run, where they appear as hostile leaders of a pirate gang. In the episode, the twins, alongside twelve of their other brothers, embark on a search to locate Anna, who had come to reclaim an Arms Scroll that the two had stolen from her.