Lloyd ​is a non-playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is also known as the White Wolf, and is a skilled swordsman belonging to the Black Fang. He is the older of Brendan's two sons, the younger being Linus. He is also a member of the dreaded Four Fangs, the most powerful members of the Black Fang.


Not much is known of the Swordmaster, though it is likely that when his father, Brendan, formed the Black Fang, he was taught the craft of the sword and eventually became a skilled swordsman. Along with his brother, the Mad Dog Linus, he became one of the legendary Four Fangs. Later, the Valkyrie Ursula and the Assassin Jerme joined them, though Jerme was soon replaced in favor of Nergal's top assassin, Jaffar. Sometime after Nergal gets wounded, he sends his morph, the seductive Sonia, to persuade Brendan to order the Black Fang's Four Fangs to slay Eliwood, Hector, and their companions. Sonia easily convinces the leader to issue his orders, though three of the four fangs, Linus, Ursula, and himself, are suspicious. Despite this, they are forced to comply.

Should the combined levels of the three lords, Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn, total 50 or higher, they will arrive in a town in Bern. Shortly after, Linus and himself trail after them. Lloyd gives Linus explicit instructions not to confront the lords, though, impatient and impulsive as he is, Linus attacks the lords but loses. He runs off after they spare him but is confronted by Limstella, one of Nergal's morphs. The morph quickly drains the quintessence of the Hero, killing him instantly. Shortly after the skirmish, Lloyd finds his brother killed, and vows vengeance on the lords. Lloyd will then be seen guarding the shrine of Bern, confronting the lords only with the notion of either avenging his brother or dying and joining him.

Should the total level of the three lords be under 50, Lloyd and Linus will encounter the lords in a foggy valley in Bern. Lloyd sends Linus off to report that they've located their targets and he fights the lords alone, but is eventually bested after a fiery skirmish, though is spared by the three. He, in turn, spares them, though after departing, he is confronted by Limstella, one of Nergal's morphs. The morph quickly drains the quintessence of the Swordmaster, killing him instantly. Linus later finds his body and swears vengeance on the lords. If this path is chosen, Linus will guard the shrine of Bern.

Despite all possible paths, Lloyd is resurrected by Nergal in the Dragon's Gate, along with Linus, Ursula, Jerme, Darin, Uhai, Kenneth, and his father, Brendan.

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