Lloyd is a playable character in the Famicom classic Mother. He is a considerably nerdy kid who often times gets picked on by kids in his school. Because of this, he'll hide in garbage cans so that he won't be bullied. Since he is rather weak and doesn't know how to use PSI, he uses special weapons such as guns during battle. After defeating Giegue and returning to his school, he is treated like a hero and the game tells the player he is a hero in the school now.

Jeff, a character from the sequel EarthBound, is blatantly based off of Lloyd, as he's a nerdy kid with a similar appearance, and one who uses guns. However, Jeff is more admirable than Lloyd.

Lloyd's weapons

  • Stun Gun: A weak weapon with a power of 15 that can be bought in Merrysville.
  • Air Gun: Lloyd's most powerful weapon with a power of 42. Can be bought in Youngtown.
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