Lizalfos are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. These swift and cunning lizardmen, often attack in groups of two or more and use their agility and intelligence to catch prey off-guard. In combat, Lizalfos will often use their powerful legs to leap over Link and attempt to strike him from behind. If one takes too much damage, it will smartly flee and call the rest of it's group for aid.

They wield a variety of weapons, typically swords, along with a shield or armored gauntlet, for defense. Lizalfos have been known to tie mace or axe heads to the tips of their tails in order to make them more effective as weapons.

Dinolfos are a stronger, more muscular variant of the Lizalfos that is often capable of breathing fire, while Aeralfos are winged Lizalfos capable of flight.

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