Living Room Omega

The Omega form

Living Room is a stage for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, based on the Nintendogs series.

Stage Features

The stage is a flat platform with walk-offs on both sides. One of five random pets (4 dogs and a cat) appear in the background randomly playing. At certain intervals platforms fall onto the stage. if a player gets hit by one, they go flying, possibly to their death. The thin blocks can be fallen through. There also usually a random toy that falls with the block. They are mostly identical to the other platforms except they are usually isolated and have a unique shape. They include:

  • A fluffy block
  • A gold bar
  • A mouse toy
  • A toy burger
  • A glass slipper


Nintendo 3DS

  • Bathtime Theme
  • Bathtime Theme (Vocal Mix) (Alternate)


This stage is based on the Country Home location in Nintendogs+Cats. The toys and the TV set are toys in the game and the pets are breeds available in the game. The images the TV displays are taken from Nintendogs + Cats.


  • There is a small glitch in that Kirby using Stone when the platforms fall on top of Kirby, he goes through platform
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