Littleroot Town is a fictional town in the Pokémon series located in the Hoenn region and appeared im the third generation games.

Places of interest

Player's House

This is different depending the player's selected gender. If the player selects May as his rival, he will get the house on the left and if she selects Brendan as his rival, he will get the house on the right. The player and his/her Mother reside in this house, with the player's Dad, Norman, occasionally dropping by. After obtaining the player's first Pokémon, the player can visit home when the player wants and talk to his/ her Mother to restore their Pokémon's health like a Pokémon Center.

On the second level is the player's room with a computer to store items, a book with tips, and a clock that the player can use to set the time. The rug can be decorated with dolls. There is also a bed and TV hooked up with a GameCube and a Game Boy Advance in the room.

Rival's House

The rival gets the house opposite to the player's house, which has a very similar layout. As the child of Professor Birch, it is also his residence as well.

Professor Birch's Laboratory

Starting Pokémon


Important residents

Appearances in different games


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