Little Town Hero (JP) is an RPG video game by Game Freak. The music for the game was primarily composed by Toby Fox.


The player employs "ideas" to counter opponents and upgrade them through a skill tree by earning Eureka Points.

Ideas form as "Izzits" and can only be used against an opponent when points are spent to make them "Dazzits," which can function as attacks, defensive moves, and unique moves. Every Dazzit is allotted attack and defense points, and every round has the player spending Dazzits against opponents using their own Dazzits against the player. Whoever depletes their opponent's selection of Dazzits wins that round, and any unspent ideas will carry over to the next round.


Game Freak announced the game as Town in September 2018. It registered a trademark for the title Little Town Hero in August 2019.

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