Little Ninja Brothers is an action Role-Playing game Nihon Game (now Culture Brain) and published by Taiyo System in December 1990 for the NES where the player plays a Kung-Fu Warrior and tries to find the exit to a room while racking up as many points as possible.


A combination of Jack and Ryu starts up with Monster Dependents who have occupied Chinese Land.


Kung-Fu Heroes' Stage Clear Type Action plus RPG elements. Kung-Fu Heroes was a release from Namco, but later became the official third party of Nintendo, so it became Culture Brain Production and Sales. Protagnist's Name changed to "Jack" and "Ryu", and Story also changed Route to Playable with Lower Age's buggy Gag as Base.

Also, there is Sports Day Mode as Omake Mode, and it is possible to play Mini Games that can be played in Story Mode using 2P Match or CPU Match.

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