Adamant Orb Sprite Adamant Orb

The Adamant Orb is an item which raises the power of Dialga's moves. In Diamond/Pearl, it is found at Spear Pillar, and in Platinum, it is found at Mt. Coronet.

Black Belt Sprite Black Belt

Black Belts are items in the Pokémon series. It raises the power of Fighting type moves when it's held. In Pokémon Platinum, the player obtains it by talking to a man on Route 221.

BlackGlasses Sprite BlackGlasses

Charcoal Sprite Charcoal

Dragon Fang Sprite Dragon Fang

Griseous Orb Sprite Griseous Orb

The Griseous Orb is the Orb that enables Giratina to be in Origin Forme, outside of the Distorition World

Hard Stone Sprite Hard Stone

Hard Stone are items found in the Pokémon video game series. They increase the power of Rock-type attacks when held.

Lustrous Orb Sprite Lustrous Orb

Lustrous Orb is Pokémon item that increases the power of Palkia's moves.

Magnet Sprite Magnet

Metal Coat Sprite Metal Coat

Metal Coat is a Pokémon item that evolves Scyther into Scizor when traded and Onix into Steelix when traded.

Miracle Seed Sprite Miracle Seed

The Miracle Seed when held by a Pokémon increases the power of the holder's Grass moves by 10% in earlier games, In Generation IV it increases them by 20%. Available at some Pokémarts for a cost of 100. When flung inflicts regular damage with 30 power.

Mystic Water Sprite Mystic Water

NeverMeltIce Sprite NeverMeltIce

Pink Bow

Poison Barb Sprite Poison Barb

Polkadot Bow

Sharp Beak Sprite Sharp Beak

Silk Scarf Sprite Silk Scarf

SilverPowder Sprite SilverPowder

Soft Sand Sprite Soft Sand

Spell Tag Sprite Spell Tag

TwistedSpoon Sprite TwistedSpoon


Full Incense Sprite Full Incense

Lax Incense Sprite Lax Incense

Luck Incense Sprite Luck Incense

Odd Incense Sprite Odd Incense

Pure Incense Sprite Pure Incense

Rock Incense Sprite Rock Incense

Rose Incense Sprite Rose Incense

Sea Incense Sprite Sea Incense

Wave Incense Sprite Wave Incense


Draco Plate Sprite Draco Plate

Dread Plate Sprite Dread Plate

Earth Plate Sprite Earth Plate

Fist Plate Sprite Fist Plate

Flame Plate Sprite Flame Plate

Icicle Plate Sprite Icicle Plate

Insect Plate Sprite Insect Plate

Iron Plate Sprite Iron Plate

Meadow Plate Sprite Meadow Plate

Mind Plate Sprite Mind Plate

Sky Plate Sprite Sky Plate

Splash Plate Sprite Splash Plate

Spooky Plate Sprite Spooky Plate

Stone Plate Sprite Stone Plate

Toxic Plate Sprite Toxic Plate

Zap Plate Sprite Zap Plate


Bug Gem Sprite Bug Gem

Dark Gem Sprite Dark Gem

Dragon Gem Sprite Dragon Gem

Electric Gem Sprite Electric Gem

Fighting Gem Sprite Fighting Gem

Fire Gem Sprite Fire Gem

Flying Gem Sprite Flying Gem

Ghost Gem Sprite Ghost Gem

Grass Gem Sprite Grass Gem

Ground Gem Sprite Ground Gem

Ice Gem Sprite Ice Gem

Normal Gem Sprite Normal Gem

Poison Gem Sprite Poison Gem

Psychic Gem Sprite Psychic Gem

Rock Gem Sprite Rock Gem

Steel Gem Sprite Steel Gem

Water Gem Sprite Water Gem

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