The following is a list of transformations Kirby and Prince Fluff can take on in Kirby's Epic Yarn. Some are performed with normal inputs while others require the Metamortex.

Moveset Transformation

KEY Parachute


The Car is the form that Kirby or Prince Fluff takes while running. It is done by simply double-tapping a side direction. In this form, Kirby moves faster and can jump farther. Kirby is a bit tough to stop in this form sliding a bit after the d-pad is let go.


The parachute transformation is another simple transformation for Kirby or Prince Fluff. This form is accessed by pressing 2 at any point in mid-air. In most causes, it just causes the player to slow their descent but it can be used in windy areas to get to certain areas of a level.

KEY 2 Ton Weight

2 Ton Weight

The 2 Ton Weight is another form that can be taken in the midair. The player has to press down while in mid-air to enter this form. Kirby travels down much faster. This form can be used offensively in that it breaks some blocks that Kirby cannot break normally and can kill enemies that are underneath this attack

KEY Pendulum


The pendulum is taken whenever Kirby or Prince Fluff use their whip on the on one of the buttons with an X of string on it. In this form, the player swings like a pendulum using their momentum to build up speed. Normally, it is used just to swing across a gap.

There are additional uses like using dandelions that activate when the player attaches themselves to the button and float up to the next part of the level. The end of level bell is also activated in this form

Submarine (Kirby)


The submarine is the 5th and final base transformation. Kirby and Prince Fluff take on this when they enter the water gaining a periscope and propeller. Kirby and Prince Fluff still have access to their whip in this form.

Metamortex Transformations



Spin Boarder






KEY Dolphin


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