This is a complete list of all minigames in every Mario Party series.

Mario Party (N64)

Name Number of Players Image
Buried Treasure 4-player
Treasure Divers 4-player
Hot Bob-omb 4-player
Crazy Cutter 4-player
Face Lift 4-player
Musical Mushroom 4-player
Coin Block Blitz 4-player
Box Mountain Mayhem 4-player
Platform Peril 4-player
Mushroom Mix-Up 4-player
Grab Bag 4-player
Bumper Balls 4-player
Tipsy Tourney 4-player
Bombs Away 4-player
Mario Bandstand 4-player
Shy Guy Says 4-player
Cast Aways 4-player
Key-pa-Way 4-player
Running of the Bulb 4-player
Hot Rope Jump 4-player
Hammer Drop 4-player
Slot Car Derby 4-player
Balloon Burst 4-player
Pipe-Maze 1-vs-3-player
Bash 'n' Cash 1-vs-3-player
Bowl Over 1-vs-3-player
Coin Block Bash 1-vs-3-player
Tightrope Treachery 1-vs-3-player
Crane Game 1-vs-3-player
Piranha's Persuit 1-vs-3-player
Tug o' War 1-vs-3-player
Paddle Battle 1-vs-3-player
Coin Shower Flower 1-vs-3-player
Bobsled Run 2-vs-2-player
Desert Dash 2-vs-2-player
Bombsketball 2-vs-2-player
Handcar Havoc 2-vs-2-player
Deep Sea Divers 2-vs-2-player
Memory Match 1-player
Slot Machine 1-player
Shell Game 1-player
Ghost Guess 1-player
Pedal Power 1-player
Whack-a-Plant 1-player
Ground Pound 1-player
Teetering Towers 1-player
Knock Block Tower 1-player
Limbo Dance 1-player

Mario Party 2 (N64)

Name Number of Players Image
Abandon Ship 4-player
Bombs Away 4-player
Bumper Balls 4-player
Deep Sea Salvage 4-player
Dizzy Dancing 4-player
Hexagon Heat 4-player
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