This is a list of instruments in Wii Music. The game features a total of 66 different instruments, from the traditional to the bizarre.
Instrument Type Description
Piano 01Piano Type Eighty-eight keys make hammers strike separate strings inside a piano. But you only need to hammer your hands up and down to produce a wide range of notes!
Galactic Piano 02Piano Type How could the rich range of the piano ever be topped? The galaxy's greatest engineers tackled this challenge and created this perfect piano just for you!
Toy Piano 03Piano Type Inside a toy piano, hammers strike metal rods instead of strings, making tinny noises. You'll still play it here like a piano: hammer away as if hitting keys!
Harpsichord 04Piano Type Harpsichords give a richer sound than pianos because their internal strings are plucked, not hammered. You'll still play it like a piano, so hammer away!
Harp 05Piano Type The harp is one of the oldest known instruments, and a concert harp has nearly 50 strings. You'll only need to make piano-playing motions, fortunately!
Dulcimer 06Piano Type The dulcimer's strings, stretched over a sounding board, produce bright notes when struck with small mallets. You'll play it here with hammering movements!
Marimba 07Piano Type The marimba has dozens of wood bars that vibrate when hit with mallets. All you need to do to produce its rich range of sound is make mallet motions!
Vibraphone 08Piano Type Metal tubes under metal keys give this percussion instrument its unique sound. Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck like mallets to strike up a vibrating tune!
Steel Drums 09Piano Type Made from an oil drum, this instrument is unlike most drums because it plays specific notes. But you can still play it here with simple hammering motions!
Handbells 10Piano Type A handbell produces only one pitch, so a tune must be played by an ensemble. In Jam mode, however, you can play a range of notes with only two handbells!
Dog Suit 11Piano Type Sometimes a dog bark beats the whole world of music for sheer enthusiasm. In Wii Music, you can add barking to your tunes by simply pawing the air!
Cat Suit 12Piano Type Cats gave the world their high-pitched soprano voices long before the first opera. So, why not bring meowing into your music here? Simply paw to meow!
Timpani 13Piano Type These drums consist of a plastic skin over copper bowls. Concert musicians play several to make a few notes; your drumming will make a wider note range!
Rapper 14Rapper Type Check it out, yo! The rhythm and rhymes of rapping have had a huge impact on modern music. To flow in some phrases, make drumming motions!
Acoustic Guitar 15Guitar Type An acoustic guitar isn't amped up, which is why it produces such sweet, folksy notes. You'll play it here with an equally folksy technique: simply strum!
Ukulele 16Guitar Type Meaning "jumping flea" in Hawaiian, the ukulele is like a pint-sized guitar that's plucked and strummed. You'll play it just by strumming, though!
Electric Guitar 17Guitar Type This guitar achieves its rock-god sound with an amp that converts string vibrations into electric signals. To play it here, use your "air guitar" techniques!
Galactic Guitar 18Guitar Type Looking for a guitar that beats all the others for sheer sci-fi sound? The galaxy's best engineers created this one just for Wii Music!
Banjo 19Guitar Type Innovated from African instruments, the banjo has become famous for its use in bluegrass and country music You'll play it here by strumming "air banjo" style!
Sitar 20Guitar Type The sitar has lent its exotic stringed sounds to India's musical landscape since the 14th century. You won't need the traditional metallic pick. Just strum!
Shamisen 21Guitar Type This instrument dates from Japan's Muromachi period (1333-1573). You won't need the traditional wood paddle to pluck its three strings: just strum.
Jaw Harp 22Guitar Type The jaw harp is held in the teeth while the player plucks a reed and alters mouth position for different notes. You only need to strum--less complex!
Electric Bass 23Guitar Type The electric bass uses only four strings that play in a lower range than on electric guitar. This guitar is key for driving a band's rhythm, so strum away!
Upright Bass 24Guitar Type If a violin bulked up and stood on its toes, it'd be the upright bass. Its strings can be played with a bow, but you'll play it by strumming!
Galactic Bass 25Guitar Type How could the bass guitar play in outer space? The greatest engineers in the galaxy answered that question with this bass. It's a Wii Music exclusive!
Trumpet 26Trumpet Type This brass instrument usually has three valves players press while blowing. But you need only to press buttons to make its bright notes. No blowing necessary!
Galactic Horn 27Trumpet Type Galactic engineers sought to create a horn that could sound pure in the deepest regions of space. And here it is in Wii Music, so enjoy its brilliant tones!
Saxophone 28Trumpet Type Why is the brassy sax a "woodwind"? Because the player blows on a reed while fingering tone holes. But don't you waste your breath! Just press buttons.
Clarinet 29Trumpet Type A warm-sounding woodwind, the clarinet makes sound as the player blows on its reed and uses 20-plus sound holes. But you'll make music by tootling buttons!
Recorder 30Trumpet Type The recorder is the woodwind that many beginners start with because it's easier to blow into to make nice notes. Still, Wii Music makes it even easier!
Accordion 31Trumpet Type This instrument is quite a handful, and player must squeeze it like a bellows while pressing keys and buttons on its sides. You'll need only to press buttons!
Bagpipe 32Trumpet Type The bagpipe's bag must be constantly refilled by blowing or using a bellows. In order to pipe, you won't need to wrestle with so much. Just use buttons!
NES Horn 33Trumpet Type This instrument has been created by fusing the controller from Nintendo's first home console with a horn. You'll play it similarly...with button presses!
Singer 34Trumpet Type Cheerful doo-wop vocals were all the rage in the U.S. in the 1950s. It's such a lovely sound that it's come to Wii Music as "doo-Wii" singing!
Tuba 35Trumpet Type This brass instrument is up to 20 feet long when uncoiled! But you won't need to lug its weight around while blowing! Use buttons to play its weighty sounds!
Flute 36Flute Type This side-held woodwind makes sound when the player blows across the mouthpiece and fingers sound-hole keys. Here, it's easier: press buttons!
Harmonica 37Flute Type A harmonica produces notes when the player blows through its many holes or sucks air through them. No huffing and puffing here: just press buttons.
Violin 38Violin Type Violinists play this instrument, held under the chin, by running a bow over its strings while using the fingerboard. Here, however, you'll just play "air violin"!
Cello 39Violin Type A stringed instrument like the violin, the cello produces a lower range and is usually played seated. In Wii Music, you'll simply use "air cello" motions to play!
Basic Drums 40Percussion Type This set covers a basic drum setup. It's great for putting a crisp, simple rhythm into your songs. It's simple to play, too. Just drum and press buttons!
Rock Drums 41Percussion Type This set will put rock-god thunder into your band with its powerful bass drum. Simply drum to play it, or press buttons simultaneously to add precision sounds!
Jazz Drums 42Percussion Type The set is customized to give songs a jazzy sound and an easygoing backbeat. It's easy enough to play, too: simply drum and, if you want, press buttons.
Latin Drums 43Percussion Type The set is tailored to give songs that special Latin beat to really get the party started! Play it just like you would the other sets: drum away!
Reggae Drums 44Percussion Type The set is customized to give music that easygoing reggae beat. Put that spirit into your own jams just by drumming away!
Ballad Drums 45Percussion Type The set is tailored to put a slow groove into your shows, perfect for when you want to take it really easy. Play it by simply smooth style.
Galactic Drums 46Percussion Type What sort of drumming could thunder through the depths of space? The galaxy's best engineers created this drum set, then beamed it into Wii Music!
Marching Snare 47Percussion Type This snare drum is often used in marching bands to keep both the crew and the song in tight formation! To drive the action, just drum!
Bass Drum 48Percussion Type This drum is the big dog in a full drum set, but it can also be used on its own. Just drum to play this beast; press A while striking to hit the gong!
Taiko Drum 49Percussion Type Use of this Japanese drum, mostly in traditional ceremonies, demands that drummers put power into their playing. Don't break a sweat here: drum away!
Congas 50Percussion Type This Cuban instrument gives such an infectious beat that it's become a big part of modern music. To play these skinny drums, simply pound the air!
Galactic Congas 51Percussion Type The conga rhythm was so catchy that galactic engineers wanted to replicate the conga with a space-age sound. They created this instrument just for you!
Djembe Drum 52Percussion Type Played with the hands, the djembe is a traditional West African drum made of a goatskin stretched over a wood shell. Drum away to produce its rich sound!
Timbales 53Percussion Type Players of this Cuban drum really put this instrument through its paces, hittingits heads and rims! While you drum, press buttons to hit the rims, too!
Maracas 54Percussion Type Made from hollow gourds filled with beans, maracas add a crazy beat to mambo and salsa music, and all you have to do is shake-shake-shake!
Tambourine 55Percussion Type This instrument is the perfect portable fusion of drums and cymbals! Shake the controllers to get a nice beat and rattle going, and hit buttons for fun effects!
Bells 56Percussion Type You'll sometimes find a bell tree in an orchestra, and perhaps sleigh bells for holiday shows. Here you'll get both! Play them by making jingling motions!
Castanets 57Percussion Type This traditional Spanish percussion instrument is widely used by flamenco dancers. You can put this snappy touch in songs by shaking your controllers!
Cowbell 58Percussion Type The cowbell has traveled from the pastures to percussion, especially in Latin music. Here you'll tap out cowbell beats by playing "air cowbell"!
Hand Clap 59Percussion Type A kind of tap dancing with more kapow, this do-it-yourself percussion adds clapping and snapping. In Wii Music, you can do all three with simple controls!
Beatboxer 60Percussion Type Beatboxers don't need drums and tons of instruments when they can make sounds with mouths and mics! Here, easy controls make it all even simpler!
Black Belt 61Percussion Type This is not a traditional instrument, but why not throw some hi-YA chops into your music?
Cheerleader 62Percussion Type "Go! Go! Win! Yeah!" When tubas just can't inspire a touchdown, nothing beats cheers from the sidelines! In Wii Music, wave your hands to cheer!
Güiro 63Güiro Type Musicians play this hollowed-out gourd by rubbing a stick along notches cut into its side. It's a key instrument in Latin music, so have fun with it!
Cuíca 64Cuíca Type The cuíca looks like a drum, but this crazy instrument is actually played by rubbing a stick hidden in its body. And in Wii Music, you'll make similar motions!
Whistle 65Whistle Type Used in samba carnivals, this whistle has side holes that can be opened or closed to change the sound. Just push buttons to whistle up a storm!
DJ-Turntables 66DJ-Turntables Type It's essential gear for dance clubs and discos, and now Wii Music gives you a DJ station, where you can spin and scratch with simple motions!
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