This is a list of the challenges in Ultimate Angler.

List of Challenges

Challenge Notes Reward
Clear an island. Clear an island by completing the clear challenge for each of its fishing spots. Plaza Ticket
Clear two islands. The StreetPass Islands are made up of nine different islands. Plaza Ticket
Clear three islands. The farther away an island is, the more rare species you're likely to find there. Plaza Ticket
Clear four islands. The key to landing legendary monsters is having lots of help from other anglers on hand. Plaza Ticket
Clear five islands. Don't feel too bad if you can't catch a monster in one go. They're a handful! Focus on tiring them out bit by bit. Plaza Ticket
Clear six islands. Anglers from other regions and countries will give you permits to distant islands when met via StreetPass. Plaza Ticket
Clear seven islands. If you want a permit but can't seem to meet anyone from far away, you can use Play Coins to get them. Plaza Ticket
Clear eight islands. It's best to get a permit using Play Coins only when you have a lot of bait in hand to use for the trip. Plaza Ticket
Clear all islands. Head to Enigma Cave on Mysteria Island, and find out what's been producing odd sound waves. Plaza Ticket
Clear two fishing spots. Practice makes perfect! Get the hang of fishing before moving on to other tasks. Skeleton Rod
Clear five fishing spots. Check out the fishing spots before you leave the dock to see which challenges are available. 1500G
Clear 10 fishing spots. Trying to land a specific big catch? When you mix bait for it, avoid bait that other local species like. 3000G
Clear 20 fishing spots. Big bites don't do you any good if you don't have the strength to pull big ones in, so fish in groups whenever you can. Pro Rod
Clear 30 fishing spots. The key to fishing wisely is to pick spots where the local species like the types of bait you've got for the trip. 5000G
Clear 40 fishing spots. Remember that some challenges list certain sizes. You won't beat them until you land a big enough catch. Pirate Rod
Clear 50 fishing spots. Did you know that there are 50 fishing spots spread out across our islands? 10000G
Get to rank 2. Your rank is a simple indicator of how well you've been doing out there on your fishing trips. 500G
Get to rank 5. Access to certain spots is restricted. To visit them, you've gotta meet the rank requirements, so keep at it! 1000G
Get to rank 10. Not sure how many more points you need to hit the next rank? Just take a look in your fishing log! 5000G
Get to rank 15. Be sure to check out the ranks of other anglers you meet via StreetPass Comet Rod
Get to rank 20. Ready to hit the next milestone? Just don't stop there. If you want to hit the top, rank 50 is your goal! Sword Rod
Get to rank 30. Not sure which species are worth the most rank points? Be sure to check out the guidebook in your fishing log. 10000G
Get to rank 40. If you wnat to rack up lots of rank points quick, focus on big catches and rare species. Robo Rod
Get to rank 50. Poseidon's Rod
Land 10 catches. Get used to fishing by landing 10 catches. Any species will do. Plaza Ticket
Land 50 catches. Land 50 catches. Any mix of species will do. Just keep on reeling them in! Crystal Rod
Land 100 catches. It may seem odd, but things like cans and driftwood count too! Plaza Ticket
Land 150 catches. The more anglers you meet, the more bait you'll have to fish with. More bait means more chances to land catches! Helmsman's Rod
Land 200 catches. Remember that you've got to react as soon as your float sinks. If you're too fast or slow, your catch might escape. 5000G
Land 300 catches. If you want to land lots of catches, use each piece of bait separately instead of mixing them together into bigger pieces. Plaza Ticket
Land 400 catches. Not sure how many you've landed so far? Take a look at your fishing log or a post-trip results screen. Compass Rod
Land 500 catches. Fishing a feeding frenzy is a great way to get your catch total up fast. Plaza Ticket
Land 600 catches. During a feeding frenzy, having more anglers in your group means more opportunities to land catches. 10000G
Land 700 catches If you're having trouble meeting anglers via StreetPass, use Play Coins to invite anglers out to fish with you. 20000G
Land 800 catches. Curious how you're doing compared to other anglers? Then just take a peek at the rankings in your fishing log! Castaway Rod
Land 900 catches. Some folks wonder what the appeal of fishing is... I'd say it's never knowing what you're going to see next! 30000G
Land 1,000 catches. The secret to catching loads of fish is trying your best and never giving up. Angel Rod
Land 100 more catches. Can you catch a hundred more? For every hundred catches you land from here on out, you'll get a prize. 10000G
Land five species. Land five different species. Seashell Rod
Land 10 species. Species you haven't caught yet appear as silhouettes in the local-species lists. Plaza Ticket
Land 20 species. It may seem odd, but things like cans and driftwood count too! Lifeboat Rod
Land 30 species. The more species you've caught, the tougher it can be to find new species to land for challenges, but don't give up! 3000G
Land 40 species. Mystery species and legendary monsters both appear as silhouettes flagged with question marks in the local-species lists. Plaza Ticket
Land 50 species. If you're not sure how many species you've caught so far, consult your fishing log. Helmsman's Rod
Land 60 species. If low turnout is making it hard to land bigger catches, try using Play Coins to add anglers to your group. 5000G
Land 70 species. Having a hard time landing big ones? Then you might want to consider making some improvements to your rods. Castaway Rod
Land 80 species. Try using Play Coins to travel to a distant island sometime. You might land a new species out there! Plaza Ticket
Land 90 species. When trying to land bigger catches, rod improvements will only get you so far. You'll need help from others too. Sweet Rod
Land 100 species. Have you checked out your rivals in the rankings? Sometimes a bit of friendly competition is quite inspiring. 10000G
Land 110 species. You've probably noticed this already, but the rarer a species is, the fewer types of bait it tends to like. Anchor Rod
Land 120 species. You've landed so many species, it's going to be tough to land new ones. Don't give up, though! Plaza Ticket
Land 130 species. Mystery species are so rarely seen, no one knows for sure what their favorite types of bait are... 20000G
Land 140 species. Trying to catch mystery species? Then be sure to head out to spots where they have been seen right away. Demon Rod
Land 150 species. 30000G
Land all species. Plaza Ticket
Earn Bronze Medals at All Spots 10000G
Earn Silver Medals at All Spots 30000G
Earn Gold Medals at All Spots 50000G
Get help landing 10 catches. Anglers you're fishing with will help you land big catches. Bring in 10 this way. Toy Rod
Get help landing 50 catches. Land whatever species you like. Just be sure you have help! Palm-Tree Rod
Get help landing 100 catches. You can check how many times you've made group catches in the Progress Report section of your fishing log. Cat Rod
Haul up a treasure chest. Haul up a treasure chest. You'll find them when they get tangled in your line. 500G
Haul up 10 treasure chests. Treasure chests only get tangled in your line when a species you have caught before bites. It's strange but true! 5000G
Haul up 50 treasure chests. Rare species tend to stay close to rare chests. That's why the odds of snagging a rare chest are best when rare fish bite! Treasure Rod
Improve a rod. Improving rods at the clubhouse is very important. Just remember that rods can only be improved three times to start. 500G
Improve rods 20 times. If you use two rods that are the same type as materials, your resulting rod will be able to be improved more times! 3000G
Improve rods 50 times. If you use two rods that are the same type as materials, your resulting rod will have slightly better stats! 5000G
Make a new rod. Make a new rod at the clubhouse using two other rods, and see what you get! 500G
Make 10 new rods. If you use two rods that are the same type as materials over and over again, you can create a VERY improvable rod. 3000G
Make 20 new rods. Combine two rods with the same skill, and your resulting rod will have that skill at a higher level, up to level 3. 5000G
Fish a feeding frenzy. Sometimes fish get so excited that landing them's as easy as tapping an icon. That's why it's called a frenzy! Toy Rod
Fish five feeding frenzies. Keep an eye out for sparkles on the surface of the water. That's the sign that a frenzy is about to start. Compass Rod
Fish 10 feeding frenzies. It may take quite some time to come across 10 feeding frenzies. Be patient, and keep an eye on the water. 10000G
Reel in 10 misses. Reel in 10 things folks don't really want to catch, like driftwood or old boots... Rustic Rod
Reel in 20 misses. How exactly is this stuff biting onto bait, anyway?! The world may never know... 1000G
Reel in 50 misses. If you use bait no local species like, you're sure to get misses on your line. 10000G
Land an A+ catch. Catches are classified by size. D is the smallest, while A+ is the biggest. 1000G
Land A+ catches for 10 species. Land 10 A+ catches that all belong to different species. Plaza Ticket
Land A+ catches for 50 species. Dragon Rod
Collect five different rods. New rods can be found in treasure chests, made out of existing rods, and earned as rewards. 1500G
Collect 10 different rods. Rods are divided into three levels of rarity. Even common, one-star rods can be great if you improve them enough. 3000G
Collect 15 different rods. Some rods have a special skill that only triggers when you fish in the right set of circumstances. 5000G
Collect 20 different rods. A great rod is all well and good, but don't forget that having other anglers along to help you is just as important. 8000G
Collect all rod types. You can check how many different types of rods you've collected in the Progress Report section of your fishing log. 10000G
Exceed 10,000G in earnings. As a club member, you'll be paid for your catches whenever you return from a fishing trip. Crystal Rod
Exceed 30,000G in earnings. A+, A, and B catches fetch more money than smaller ones. That's what we call a size bonus! Treasure Rod
Exceed 50,000G in earnings. Improving and creating rods will cost money, so be sure to save up. Sword Rod
Exceed 100,000G in earnings. The clubhouse will buy rods you don't want. Rods that're rare or have been improved a bunch can be worth a lot! Pirate Rod
Exceed 150,000G in earnings. One way to make lots of money fast is to fish a feeding frenzy in a spot with lots of rare species. Shachihoko Rod
Buy another tank. A tank can only hold so many residents. Keep buying tanks to get more space. Lifeboat Rod
Buy a fifth tank. It comes in handy to have a few tanks when you need to move your favorite catches around. 2000G
Buy a 10th tank. Once you have a few tanks to choose from, why not set one as your favorite so it can be shared via StreetPass? 5000G
Expand a tank. Expanding a tank gives you more room for new residents. This is really handy when you want to house big catches. Basic Rod
Buy another design. Changing a tank's design is an easy way to give it a totally different look. Plaza Ticket
Buy a third design. Did you know you can use a design in multiple tanks at the same time? 500G
Buy a fourth design. Rare catches can be especially eye catching when they live together in a tank with an unusual design. 1000G
Buy a fifth design. If you want to stand out in the angling world, it really helps to have lots of designs to choose from for your tanks. Palm-Tree Rod
Buy a sixth design. Designs add a lot of personality to your tanks. Why not try to collect them all? 3000G
Buy a seventh design. Put your favorite catches into a tank and decorate it with your favorite design to make something totally unique. Plaza Ticket
View someone else's tank. Take a look at a tank that belongs to an angler you've met via StreetPass. Plaza Ticket
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