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The following is a list of characters from the Wii video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Default characters


Main article: Mario

A classic character whose balance and maneuverability make him a perfect beginner's choice.

  • Final Smash: Mario Finale is a fire-based move that unleashes fireballs traveling horizontally while expanding vertically. Has high damage and knockback. It has the greatest effect when done from one side of the stage facing the opposite side.
  • Up Special Ability: Super Jump Punch is a jump punch that can be used to get back on the stage.
  • Standard Special Ability: Fireball is Mario's trademark fireball. It disappears as it slows.
  • Side Special Ability: Cape is when Mario pulls out his cape to reflect projectiles back at opponents. It also turns opponents even if they don't flinch at all.
  • Down Special Ability: F.L.U.D.D. is when Mario pulls out F.L.U.D.D. and blows the enemies away with his blast of water.
  • Entrance: Mario comes out of a Warp Pipe.
  • Grab: Picks up enemy, swings it in a circle several times, and throws it.

Role in adventure mode - Near the beginning, he fights in a friendly match with Kirby but after the Subspace army appears, he gets knocked far away from a stadium, and then gets saved by Pit. Later, Mario and Pit team up with Link, Yoshi, and Kirby.

Donkey Kong

Main article: Donkey Kong

One of Nintendo's first characters returns with a new appearance.

  • Final Smash: Konga Beat is when Donkey Kong pulls out his bongos and plays to the beat of a song. Pressing buttons in rhythm with the songs enables DK to perform shock waves that cover a huge area. The problem is that he is completely immobile, so using it in a moving stage is NOT a good idea.
  • Up Special Ability: Spinning Kong is when Donkey Kong spins in the air for a short period of time.
  • Standard Special Ability: Giant Punch is when Donkey Kong charges up his energy, then can unleash it in a powerful punch.
  • Side Special Ability: Headbutt is when Donkey Kong slams opponents into the ground, leaving them trapped for a brief period. The more damage they have accumulated, the longer they are trapped.
  • Down Special Ability: Hand Slap is when Donkey Kong slaps the ground with his hands, causing a giant shockwave. This move can be used over and over again.
  • Entrance: DK comes out of a barrel.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - He and Diddy Kong chase after Bowser, who has stolen their bananas. However, Bowser tries to use his Dark Cannon on Diddy, and Donkey Kong saves him, getting turned into a trophy in the process. He is later rescued by Diddy, Captain Falcon, and Captain Olimar. They then team up with Samus, Pikachu, and ROB.


Main article: Link

A slow though nevertheless manageable character who has a variety of weapons. His appearance is now derived from Twilight Princess.

  • Final Smash: Triforce Slash is a deadly combo move in which Link shoots out the Triforce symbol from the back of his hand. If the Triforce strikes an opponent, it enlarges and traps them within two layers, enabling Link to dash towards the trapped opponent. Link then proceeds to slash madly, ending with a finishing strike. It has the greatest effect when other opponents are around, since they can get hit with the finishing strike. The targeted opponent receives a set damage though.
  • Up Special Ability: Spin Attack - Link spins around with his sword. It can also be used to be thrusted upwards. In ground it can be charged for extra power.
  • Standard Special Ability: Hero's Bow - Link fires a quick arrow with his bow. This move may be charged.
  • Side Special Ability: Gale Boomerang - Link throw his boomerang which will cause any of his opponents he hits to spin around.
  • Down Special Ability: Bombs - Link throws a bomb made by Barnes. It will blow up if not thrown quickly.
  • Entrance: Link arrives in a whirlwind.
  • Grab: Clawshot is when Link shoots a metal claw attached to a chain that clings onto anything.

Role in adventure mode - When he first appears, he pulls the Master Sword from its pedestal in the woods, and teams up with Yoshi to fight the Subspace Army. They later join Mario, Pit, and Yoshi.

Samus Aran

Main article: Samus Aran

While most of her attacks have returned, Samus can now transform into Zero Suit Samus.

  • Final Smash: Zero Laser is Samus's ultimate move, similar to Mario's Finale, but less vertical expansion. Use the same strategy as the Mario Finale.She automatically loses her suit after this attack and becomes Zero Suit Samus.
  • Up Special Ability: Screw Attack is when attacks by using a spinning jump that unleashes electricity.
  • Standard Special Ability: Charge Shot is when Samus charges up power to her blaster, then can release it by pressing the special ability button again.
  • Side Special Ability: Missile is when Samus releases a missile that follows the opponent, or tap the side direction to launch a powerful, straight missile.
  • Down Special Ability: Bomb is when Samus rolls up into her Morph ball, and drops bombs that explode after a few moments.
  • Entrance: Samus arrives on an elevator platform from the Metroid games.
  • Grab: Grapple Beam is a whip that is made out of plasma which is used for gripping ledges when falling off.

Role in adventure mode - While in her Power Suit, she rescues Pikachu from a machine draining his powers, and they locate her Power Suit. They later team up with Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, Captain Olimar, and R.O.B.

Zero Suit Samus

Main article: Zero Suit Samus

Samus will transform into Zero Suit Samus following her Final Smash.

  • Final Smash: Power Suit Samus is when Zero Suit Samus reforms her suit with a huge blast of energy. Anyone close enough when she rematerializes the suit is blasted away.
  • Up Special Ability: Plasma Wire is a wire like laser that shoots from her gun and grabs onto enemies. Its more like a grab ability.
  • Standard Special Ability: Paralyzer is when Samus shoots a laser from a gun to an enemies feet. The enemy is stunned for a while. If you charge it up you can do attacks with it too.
  • Side Special Ability: Plasma Whip is a whip that when a foe gets hit, it can be super deadly.
  • Down Special Ability: Flip Jump is when she performs a flip into the air.
  • Entrance: Her powersuit falls off.
  • Grab: Really Plasma Whip

Role in adventure mode - While in search of her Power Suit, Samus encounters a Pikachu, who is trapped in a machine that drains its power. She rescues it, and they go to the location of her Power Suit.


Main article: Yoshi

A quick character that, until Brawl, lacked a third jump. Yoshi may have one of the greatest jumps in the game, though his recovery is lacking in the great length that most others' possess. It's one of the major downsides of the character, though Yoshi players managed to get by in Melee when he had absolutely no third jump whatsoever.

Yoshi's recover is minimal, though it does get the job done to an extent. Unlike others, Yoshi can use his third jump as much as possible, though again you have to take note that it doesn't send him soaring. Use it at just the right time, and make sure that you've used his double jump already as well - as if not his double jump would be the best route to take, and then if it doesn't send you far enough, you can attempt to use Egg Throw.

Despite not having an outstanding triple jump, Yoshi is a monster when airborne. His spike or meteor smash is one of the best in the game, and his down aerial A move has been dramatically improved, though won't send opponents flying. When you're attempting to raise your opponent's damage meter, then try your best to use the down aerial A attack, which will cause the dino to rapidly kick his feet and in quick succession attack the targeted enemy. When used on the ground, this seems to work better on larger opponents such as Bowser, King Dedede or Ganondorf, so use it more so when you're going against those characters. This move will work quite well against almost all characters when the recipient of the attack is airborne. His bair (back aerial) has also been dramatically improved. In Melee, the range of this move was quite small (because of the shortness of Yoshi's tail), but in Brawl his tail extends quite a bit while using this move. His nair (neutral aerial) makes him even more maneuverable than before. Yoshi has also become an INCREDIBLE edge-guarder, due to his newly acquired floatiness. He can often triple aerial combo a recovering opponent, and still make it back to the ledge himself.

As aforementioned Yoshi doesn't have any specific special reflector move, though like all characters he can guard using the guard button (for information on which button is the guard button on the controller you're using, refer to the game's manual or the Controller Options section of this guide). Unfortunately, Yoshi has one of the slowest ground dodges, making fighting against faster enemies (including a particular attack that Taboo can perform) quite a challenge.

  • Final Smash: Super Dragon is a combination of some of Yoshi's color abilities first seen in Super Mario World. Spreading his wings, Yoshi will temporarily gain the ability to fly . He will also demonstrate his ability to breathe fire as a stream and to project fireballs across the screen. The fireballs do a set damage and great knockback. Try to pursue opponents but be careful when reverting to normal.
  • Up Special Ability: Egg Toss is when Yoshi will not only will Yoshi chuck an egg toward his opponents, he will now be able to use this as his third jump as well.
  • Standard Special Ability: Egg Lay is when Yoshi will eject his sticky tongue near an enemy, and if successful will turn him/her into an egg for a short time.
  • Side Special Ability: Egg Roll is when Yoshi rolls around the stage in an egg at great speed.
  • Down Special Ability: Yoshi Bomb is when Yoshi performs a ground pound, and he'll do so via his down special ability.
  • Entrance: Yoshi comes out of an egg.
  • Grab: Throw his tongue out. Bad range for an extended grab and has lag.

Role in adventure mode - The Subspace Army attacks while he is sleeping, and he teams up with Link to fight the villains off. They later join up with Mario, Pit, and Kirby.


Main article: Kirby

This puffball character is capable of multi-jumping and copying his opponent's abilities.

  • Final Smash:Cook Kirby is when Kirby dons a chef hat and summons a giant pot. Items and Characters in the vicinity get automatically pulled into the pot and start racking up damage, until they get shot straight upwards. Some new items also get created from the pot. It has the greatest effect when all your enemies are close to Kirby, since they wouldn't be affected if out of the range of the pot pulling them in. KO's are usually done with high percentages, so try to save it until needed.
  • Up Special Ability: Final Cutter is when Kirby soars into the sky with a sword, then slashes downward with it, that unleashes a shockwave.
  • Standard Special Ability: Swallow is when Kirby swallows an enemy, then can even absorb their standard special ability.
  • Side Special Ability: Hammer is when Kirby swings a strong giant hammer horizontally on the ground, or two-swing hammer in mid-air, both with KO potential.
  • Down Special Ability: Stone is when Kirby transforms into a strong heavy object for a short period of time. Kirby can transform back sooner by pressing upwards. Invulnerable to nearly every move except grabs and extremely strong attacks (e.g. Dedede's fully charged side smash and takes full knockback though he takes no damage).
  • Entrance: Kirby arrives on his Warp Star
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Near the beginning, he fights in a friendly match with Mario, but after the Subspace army appears he must save either Princess Peach or Princess Zelda from Petey Piranha. Later, Bowser captures the princess Kirby saved, and Kirby goes to help Mario, Link, Pit, and Yoshi. He is the one who later destroys the Subspace Gunship.

Fox McCloud

Main article: Fox McCloud

Fox, still one of the fastest characters, has a new appearance from Star Fox: Command.

  • Final Smash: Landmaster is the Starfox team's land assault vehicle. Fox leaps into the air and summons the landmaster, which can be controlled to hover, shoot the cannon, and do a barrel roll. Use it to its greatest effect by edgeguarding and destroying opponents in the vicinity
  • Up Special Ability: Fire Fox is when Fox engulfs himself in fire, charging up his energy, then blasts off in the direction of choosing.
  • Standard Special Ability: Blaster is when Fox fires his gun, it's different to Fox's Super Smash Bros. Melee gun. It fires rapidly, but enemies won't be stunned.
  • Side Special Ability: Fox Illusion is when Fox dashes at the foe at lightning speed, attacking them with his after image.
  • Down Special Ability: Reflector is when Fox uses his little mechanical device to shield his opponent's attacks.
  • Entrance: Fox jumps down from an Arwing.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Fox is shot down after chasing the Halberd in his Arwing. After landing, he saves Diddy Kong from Rayquaza. After helping Diddy Kong and Falco, he goes after the Halberd again.


Main article: Pikachu

Unarguably one of the most popular Pokémon, Pikachu is back, though is essentially the same as before.

  • Final Smash: Volt Tackle is Pikachu's signature move, in which he transforms into a fast-moving ball of electricity. The idea here is to rack up damage by trapping enemies inside the ball and then finishing them off with a surge of energy by pressing the attack button.
  • Up Special Ability: Quick Attack is when Pikachu disappears and reappears in the direction you pointed in after pressing "B-Up".
  • Standard Special Ability: Thunder Jolt is when a jolt of lightning travels along the ground. It is similar to Mario's fireball.
  • Side Special Ability: Skull Bash is a charge move in which Pikachu charges his attack, then flies forward like a rocket in the direction you were facing.
  • Down Special Ability: Thunder is when Pikachu summons a bolt of lightning to come down towards him and hurt surrounding oppoents.
  • Entrance: Pikachu comes out of a Poke Ball
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Pikachu is being used to power a factory, and Samus rescues him. They later team up with Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, Captain Olimar, and ROB.

King Bowser

Main article: Bowser

King Bowser, according to the website, the heaviest of all fighters.

  • Final Smash: Giga Bowser Transformation Bowser temporarily transforms into the original Giga Bowser. Once this occurs, his strength will be increased even more, despite already being one of the most powerful characters in the game. Although he'll still take damage, he cannot be stunned while in this form. Also, some of his attacks gain different attributes.
  • Up Special Ability: Whirling Fortress is when Bowser spins on the ground, launching enemies in the air.
  • Standard Special Ability: Fire Breath is when Bowser breathes out fire, which slowly weakens over time.
  • Side Special Ability: Flying Slam is when Bowser slames into enemies that are far away with a great amount of force.
  • Down Special Ability: Bowser Bomb is when Bowser jumps up in the air and pummel the ground underneath him with great speed.
  • Entrance: Bowser comes out of a pillar of flames.
  • Grab: The demo revealed that Bowser can grab characters, jump in the air with them, and body slam them into the ground.

Role in adventure mode - Bowser is a member of the Subspace Army, thinking he is working for Master Hand. He goes across the world fighting Smashers, but when he learns that Master Hand was being manipulated by Tabuu, he joins the heroes.

Princess Peach

Main article: Princess Peach

The damsel in distress is back with a brand new look.

  • Final Smash: Peach Blossom is when Peach performs a dance accompanied with Super Princess Peach graphics. Everyone in the screen falls asleep as healing peaches spawn throughout the stage. The best effect is done when it is performed close to an opponent, since they sleep longer when they are closer.
  • Up Special Ability: Peach Parasol is when Peach jumps in the air, extending her parasol to attack enemies as well as floating down slowly.
  • Standard Special Ability: Toad is when Peach takes out Toad and blocks enemy attacks.
  • Side Special Ability: Peach Bomber is when Peach jumps to the side attacking opponents with a powerful blast.
  • Down Special Ability: Vegetable is when Peach plucks vegetables from the ground which can be hurled at opponents. Different faces can cause different amounts of damage.
  • Entrance: Peach appears from thin air, then winks at the screen.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - At first she gets trapped by Petey Piranha. If Kirby manages to save her, then the two team up. Later, Shadow-bugs take over her body and try to turn Mario and Pit into trophies. Link and Yoshi stop her, however. If she is not saved, Wario turns her into a trophy, but she is stolen by King Dedede, and then Bowser takes her trophy. Both princesses are later rescued by Meta Knight, Snake, and Lucario.

Ice Climbers

Main article: Ice Climbers

The duo are also returning with a similar appearance.

  • Final Smash: Iceberg is when a giant iceberg appears on the field. Not only does it make every platform slippery, but it damages all of your opponents who touch it. Use this to your advantage by targeting opponents who are distracted by the iceberg.
  • Up Special Ability: Belay is when Popo throws Nana, who then attacks foes, then pulls up Popo from behind her.
  • Standard Special Ability: Ice Shot is when both Popo and Nana shoot a sliding ice block that bounces off walls.
  • Side Special Ability: Squall Hammer is when Popo and Nana spin back-to-back, with hammers outward, in the direction of your choosing.
  • Down Special Ability: Blizzard is when both Popo and Nana shoot freezing winds from the palms of their hands, on either sides of you.
  • Entrance: The Ice Climbers fly in on the Condor from Ice Climber.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - When Meta Knight travels up the mountain that they are climbing, they take it as a challenge and travel with him. But when the Halberd crashes into the mountain, they fall off and meet Mario and Marth's teams.

Princess Zelda

Main article: Princess Zelda

Zelda is back and her alter ego, Sheik has also returned.

  • Final Smash: Light Arrow Zelda pulls out her holy bow and shoots a light arrow horizontally. A slow motion animation is done before the opponent is shot in an upwards direction. Can occasionally KO at 0%.
  • Up Special Ability: Farore's Wind is when Zelda, after spinning, teleports in your direction of choosing.
  • Standard Special Ability: Naryu's Love is when Zelda spins, creating a forcefield around her, reflecting projectiles back.
  • Side Special Ability: Din's Fire is when Zelda unleashes a ball of fire that can travel then be released.
  • Down Special Ability: Transformation is when Zelda changes into Sheik and vice versa. All damage that Zelda/Sheik take during the transformation is halted.
  • Entance: Teleports into the stage
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - At first, she is captured by Petey Piranha. If Kirby manages to save her, then they will team up. Later, she is possessed by Shadow-Bugs and attempts to turn Link and Yoshi into trophies. Mario and Pit stop her, however. If she is not saved, Wario turns her into a trophy, but she is stolen by King Dedede, and then Bowser takes her trophy.  Both princesses are later rescued by Meta Knight, Snake, and Lucario.


Main article: Sheik

The alter ego of Zelda is also back.

  • Final Smash: Light Arrow is when Sheik takes out her bow and arrows of light and fires it at an opponent. Contrary to Zelda's arrows, Sheik's arrows cause the enemy to be shot in a downwards direction.
  • Up Special Ability: Vanish is when Shiek, after her signature expolsion disappears and reappears in your direction of choice.
  • Standard Special Ability: Neddle Storm is when shiek charges up and gathers tiny neddles, then releases them in a tiny barrage.
  • Side Special Ability: Chain is when Sheik takes out her chain and swings it to her side. It can be used for offence as well as defence.
  • Down Special Ability: Transformation is when Zelda changes into Sheik and vice versa. All damage that Zelda/Sheik take during the transformation stops the transformation.
  • Entrance: Arrives from a burst of magic
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - After the two princess are resuced, Zelda transform into Sheik as she battles on the Halberd. She also teams up with Fox, Snake, Lucario and Falco.


Main article: Pit

A young adult who wields a bow that can be turned into two swords.

  • Final Smash: Palutena's Army is when Pit calls for Palutena who then sends an army of flying Centurions who dives at enemies at an incredible speed. After one hit, they cannot attack again. Try to attack opponents while they are distracted by the centurions.
  • Up Special Ability: Wings Of Icarus is when Pit flies for a while. If you hold too long he will fall.
  • Standard Special Ability: Palutena Arrow is when Pit fires his arrow which can curve if you desire; similar to Ness' and Lucas' Up-B attack.
  • Side Special Ability: Angel Ring is when Pit spins his bow very quickly several times in front of him, similar to a buzz saw.
  • Down Special Ability: Mirror Shield is when Pit activates a shiled of light that acts as a reflector, like Fox's.
  • Entrance: Pit floats down from above in a shaft of light.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - The Subspace Army invades when Pit is watching Mario and Kirby's fight. Palutena sends him out into the world to fight the innvaders, and he rescues Mario along the way. They later team up with Link, Yoshi, and Pit.


Main article: Wario

A rather fat character who uses his farts to his advantage.

  • Final Smash: Wario-Man is when Wario eats garlic to transform into Wario-Man. All of his special moves are super charged and he is also able to do some very odd abilities.
  • Up Special Ability: Corkscrew is possibly when Wario spin quickly like a drill in an upright fashion.
  • Standard Special Ability: Chomp is when Wario bites his opponents with his huge mouth.
  • Side Special Ability: Wario Chopper is when Wario rides a motorbike on the level. It is unknown what damage it does to enemies.
  • Down Special Ability: Wario Waft is when Wario farts, The longer you don't use it, the longer more powerful the fart will turn out to be and vice-versa.
  • Entrance: Arrives on his bike
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Wario is a lower ranking member of the Subspace Army. After Kirby rescues one princess from Petey Piranha, Wario comes down and captures the one Kirby failed to save. He is later shown in the Ruined Zoo capturing Ness. Later, Lucas and the Trainer defeat him, and his trophy is sucked into Subspace. When he is saved, he decides to help the heroes fight Tabuu instead of fighting them, because he is outnumbered.


Main article: Ike

The protagonist from Path of Radiance is here with his special move Aether.

  • Final Smash: Great Aether Ike strikes an initial hit with his sword, which throws the enemies upwards. Ike then rushes towards the enemy/ies, follows with huge sword strikes, and lands with an explosion of fire.
  • Up Special Ability: Aether is when Ike chucks his sword up in the air, hitting an enemy, catches it in midair, and falls while slashing the enemy, this attack is quite quick.
  • Standard Special Ability: Eruption is when Ike charges up energy within his sword, then slashes the ground and releases the energy is a fire-like shock wave the tip spikes.
  • Side Special Ability: Quick Draw is when Ike quickly draws his sword and does massive damage.
  • Down Special Ability: Counter is when Ike counter attackes a physical move with a strong sword slash.
  • Entrance: Ike arrives in a summoning circle.
  • Grab: He grabs the opponent by the collar of their shirt.

Role in adventure mode - When Marth and Meta Knight are chasing the Ancient Minister, Ike manages to use Aether to destroy the Subspace Bomb the Minister is carrying. He and the other two swordsmen join forces to fight the Subspace Army.

Pokémon Trainer

Main article: Pokémon Trainer

A character who stays in the background and sends out either Squirtle, Ivysaur or Charizard.

  • Final Smash: Triple Finish causes all three Pokémon to use their most powerful attacks at once. Squirtle uses Hydro Pump, Ivysaur uses Solarbeam, and Charizard uses Fire Blast. It delivers the greatest punishment at the closest range in front of you. Also, the Pokémon text box appears with the text, if it hits, "its super effective!" referring to the Pokémon series when a Pokémon's attack does 2x.
  • Up Special Ability: For Squirtle, it is Waterfall, where it creates a wave to bring him and others up. For Ivysaur, it's Vine Whip, where its vines are used to whip an opponent, and perform a tether recovery. For Charizard, it's Fly, in which Charizard flies straight up and burns enemies in the process.
  • Standard Special Ability: For Ivysaur, it's Bullet Seed, where it fires bullets from its back that can hit enemies. For Charizard, it's Flamethrower, where it breathes fire. For Squirtle, it's Water Gun, a chargeable spray of water.
  • Side Special Ability: For Squirtle, it's Withdraw, where it goes in his shell and blows water out making the shell blast into an enemy similar to Koopa Troopa. For Charizard, it's Rock Smash, where it smashes a rock with its head which can go flying into enemies. For Ivysaur, it's Razor Leaf in which he shoots out a sharp leaves to cut opponents, and it comes back similar to Link's Boomerang.
  • Down Special Ability: Pokémon Change is when Pokémon trainer switches Pokémon. It goes in a cycle: Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, and Squirtle again.
  • Entrance: Throws out his first Pokémon
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - He encounters Lucas in the Ruined Zoo and they battle the Subspace Army. They later go in search of an Ivysaur and a Charizard, the two Pokémon that the Trainer needs. After the capture them, they fight Galleom and are rescued by Meta Knight before Galleom self-destructs.

Diddy Kong

Main article: Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong's tiny sidekick joins the fray, and brings along his famed weapons such as the Peanut Pop Gun.

  • Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage allows Diddy to wield two Peanut Popguns and fly with his Rocketbarrels all at once. Shoot the peanuts in one direction to boost upwards in the other direction. At the end of the move, the Rocketbarrels and Popguns explode, hurting anything near the explosion, except Diddy. The move can also leave behind a mess of health-replenishing peanuts.
  • Up Special Ability: Rocketbarrel Boost is when Diddy Kong flies with his rocket barrels, he can curve with them but if you get attacked while riding a Rocketbarrel the barrels will blast off you.
  • Standard Special Ability: Peanut Popgun is when Diddy Kong fires a peanut with his popgun. If you hold it down for too long it explodes. You can also eat the peanut to recover damage.
  • Side Special Ability: Monkey Flip is when Diddy Kong flips forward, grabs an opponent's face, and pummels it.
  • Down Special Ability: Banana Peel is when Diddy Kong tosses a banana peel over his shoulder.
  • Entrance Breaks out of a DK barrel
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - After Bowser steals their bananas, he and Donkey Kong track down Bowser, who turns Donkey Kong into a trophy. Diddy escapes, and teams up with Fox to fight Rayquaza. Much later, they encounter Bowser, whose Dark Cannon gets destroyed by Falco. Falco later drops Diddy off on the Smash Skiff, where Donkey Kong is being held. With the help of Captain Falcon and Captain Olimar, they take over the Smash Skiff, and join up with Samus, Pikachu, and ROB.

Meta Knight

Main article: Meta Knight

A mysterious character who rapidly swings his sword.

  • Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness is when Metaknight throws out his cape and all characters hit by the initial move are attacked but a large slash after plunging the stage into darkness. If he doesn't capture an enemy in his cape at the start, the move fails entirely.
  • Up Special Ability: Shuttle Loop is when Meta knight jumps with his sword hitting the enemy the whole way. And glides.
  • Standard Special Ability: Mach Tornado is when Meta Knight spins around making a golden tornado. He can spin in any direction of choosing.
  • Side Special Ability: Drill Rush is when Meta Knight dashes forward with his sword sticking out. He can also slightly change the angle of direction while using it.
  • Down Special Ability: Dimensional Cape is when Meta Knight vanishes and reappears in your direction of choosing.
  • Entrance: First his cape appears, then he comes out of it, similar to his Down Special Ability.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Before the story begins, Meta Knight's battleship, the Halberd, is stolen by the Subspace Army. Much later, he travels up a mountain to reach his ship. At the mountaintop, he meets and eventually befriends Lucario. While on the Halberd, they team up with Snake and rescue Zelda and Peach.


Main article: Lucas

The protagonist of the Japanese only Mother 3.

  • Final Smash: PK Starstorm is a fierce move that unleashes a rapid barrage of meteorlike PSI power. The meteors fall in an inward fashion toward the stage.
  • Up Special Ability: PK Thunder is the same move that Ness from Super Smash Bros. Melee uses. He fires PK Thunder, and if he hits himself with it, he'll rocket in the opposite direction PK Thunder hit him with incredible force! There are a few differences though like his version passes through enemies, easier to control and when Lucas hits his opponent with his own PK Thunder, he scores muitlple hits.
  • Standard Special Ability: PK Freeze is similar to Ness's PK Flash, but it freezes your opponent as well as cause damage.
  • Side Special Ability: PK Fire is nearly the same move as Ness's side ability, except this move moves horizontally in the air instead of diagonally like Ness, and a pillar of fire explodes from this move.
  • Down Special Ability: PSI Magnet is the same as Ness's down special ability but restores more health than Ness. Any energy projectile like Charizard's Flamethrower will restore Lucas's health instead of damaging him.
  • Entrance: Lucas rides a Mr. Saturn tea table.
  • Grab: Rope Snake is a streching snake used for grappling on to edges and enemies.

Role in adventure mode - When Wario turns Ness into a trophy, Lucas runs into the Pokémon Trainer, and they join forces. They later defeat Wario and team up with Marth, Ike, Mario, Link, Kirby, Pit, and Yoshi.

King Dedede

Main article: King Dedede

The main antagonist of the Kirby series, he wields his mechanized mallet as his weapon.

  • Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army is when King Dedede whistles, then Waddle Dees appears out of nowhere. Then the Waddle Dees walk faster than usual and will try to swipe you of the screen. Sometimes Waddle Doos and Gordos will appear and will case more damage.
  • Up Special Ability: Super Dedede Jump is when Dedede jumps very high with his hammer in the air and comes crashing down. He is unable to move for a while upon landing, so he can cancel it in midair, but if he cancels when he reaches the ground, he will only waste more time.
  • Standard Special Ability: Inhale Is when King Dedede sucks in an enemy, similar to Kirby, but can't swallow them to gain their moves, only spit them out.
  • Side Special Ability: Waddle Dee Toss is when he takes out a Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, or Gordo and throws it at his opponents. Even after being thrown, these enemies will still walk around the stage. Waddle Doo and Gordo appear more rarely than Waddle Dee.
  • Down Special Ability: Jet Hammer is when his hammer's head opens and reveals a jet. He charges it to deliver a mighty blow, but if he charge it too much, it will hurt 1% per second on Dedede until he reaches 150% unless he stops charging and releases.
  • Entrance: Carried onto the stage by Waddle Dees
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - After learning of Tabuu's great powers, Dedede invents a brooch that will revive Smasher's trophies after a set amount of time. He turns Luigi into a trophy, and steals Ness and the princess's trophies from Wario, and he gives them each a brooch. However, Bowser steals the princess, but Luigi and Ness still help Dedede rescue everyone from Tabuu.


Main article: Captain Olimar
Main article: Pikmin (species)

A character that has the ability to pluck allies that follow him, from the ground.

  • Final Smash: End of Day is when Captain Olimar summonds his ship, then blasts off into the night sky if hit there it digs or spikes depending if the opponents was or wasn't touching the ground . Then the creatures of the forest floor come out and attack your opponents. The more people playing, more damage is accumulated. Then Captain Olimar plunges his ship straight into the ground with a giant explosion and continues playing.
  • Up Special Ability: Pikmin Chain is when Captain Olimar throws his Pikmin as a chain in order to recover. The recovery distance is determined by the amount of Pikmin are following him.
  • Standard Special Ability: Pikmin Pluck is when Captain Olimar plucks Pikmin from the ground. He can pluck up to six Pikmin at a time. He can pluck a Pikmin from any flooring, but the flooring determines what breed of Pikmin will likely appear.
  • Side Special Ability: Pikmin Throw is when Captain Olimar throws his Pikmin and latches them on an opponent. The damage percentage will slowly rise.
  • Down Special Ability: Pikmin Order is when Captain Olimar blows his whistle to summon back stray Pikmin. This can also be used to change your order of Pikmin.
  • Entrance: Exits his ship
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Captain Falcon comes to the aid of Olimar, and they go to help Diddy Kong rescue Donkey Kong from the Subpace Army. They all then go to join Samus, Pikachu, and ROB.

Unlockable Characters


Main article: Ness

The protagonist of Earthbound.

  • Final Smash: PK Starstorm Ness casts PK Starstorm, similar to Lucas but the meteors fall in a fan-out fashion.
  • Up Special Ability: PK Thunder Same as Lucas's but it cannot pass through enemies, harder to control and moves more quicker. When hit into his opponent by his own PK Thunder, it sends the enemy flying.
  • Standard Special Ability: PK Flash is when a flash of light appears which then explodes and extremely high power when it's fully charged or if the B button is released.
  • Side Special Ability: PK Fire Almost the same as Lucas's but his version can score multiple hits.
  • Down Special Ability: PSI Magnet Same as Lucas's.
  • Teleport from PK magic
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Ness help Lucas defeat Porky Minch, but when Wario tries to turn Lucas into a trophy, Ness sacrifices himself to save Lucas. His trophy is later stolen by King Dedede, who gives him a Dedede Brooch, which will revive him in a set amount of time. When he is revived, he helps Luigi and Dedede rescue the Smashers who were defeated by Tabuu.


Main article: Marth

One of the Fire Emblem series' most popular characters.

  • Final Smash: Critical Hit Marth's Critical Hit animation from his Fire Emblem games. He raises his sword with a flash and speeds horizontally towards an enemy and perform a critical hit, with the ability to KO at 100% damage if no wall blocks it. More than one opponent can be hit by the move.
  • Up Special Ability: Dolphin Slash is when Marth slashes upwards quickly and ends in the prone aerial position.
  • Standard Special Ability: Shield Breaker is when Marth performs a chargeable move when fully charged, it can break any shields with a single stab and is very powerful.
  • Side Special Ability: Dancing Blade is when Marth offers to perform nine different attacks which can be changed by moving the control stick for many different combos.
  • Down Special Ability: Counter is when Marth stands in a defensive position. If he gets in contact with anything that causes damage, the damage is negated and Marth immediately retaliates with a counter-attack. It is quicker then Ike's counter but not as powerful.
  • Entrance: Arrives onto the stage from wrap magic
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Marth's castle is attacked by the Subspace Army, and when he escapes the castle, he encounters Meta Knight. They team up and later join Ike, who destroys a Subspace Bomb. The group of swordsmen later rescue Lucas and Red.


Main article: Luigi

Mario's green-clad (and slightly faster) younger brother.

  • Final Smash: Negative Zone Performs a weird dance that creates a spectral shield to form around Luigi. All enemies inside the circle gain random effects such as falling asleep, gaining a flower on their head, increasing their damage percentage, move very slowly, taunt uncontrollably and so on. It won't effect the enemies if they're in the air. Luigi is also unaffected.
  • Up Special Ability: Super Jump Punch Like Mario's but more powerful on the ground rather than in the air. If he performs this move when close to the opponent, it turns into a fire jump punch. However, he's vulnerable after this move.
  • Standard Special Ability: Fireball Same as Mario's but replaced with green spectral flames and unaffected by gravity.
  • Side Special Ability: Green Missile is when Luigi shoots across the stage. Has a slight chance of a misfire.
  • Down Special Ability: Luigi Cyclone Similar to Mario Tornado though Luigi can travel long distance quicky with it.
  • Entrance: Arrives from a Warp Pipe.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Luigi is transformed into a trophy by King Dedede in order for him to revive him when Tabuu defeats all of the other heroes. After Tabuu does this, a special brooch that Dedede made revives Luigi and Ness, who go with Dedede to save the others.

Falco Lombardi

Main article: Falco Lombardi

Fox's often untrustworthy companion.

  • Final Smash: Landmaster Falco summons a Landmaster, just like Fox. His Landmaster has different attributes though,it's not as easy to control on land but has excellent flight ability.
  • Up Special Ability - Fire Bird Similar to Fire Fox except is doesn't burn others while charging.
  • Standard Special Ability - Blaster Same as Fox's except his version stuns enemies and doesn't fire rapid shots.
  • Side Special Ability - Falco Phantasm Similar to Fox Illusion, now travels as long as Fox Illusion and still spikes if the opponent is in mid-air.
  • Down Special Ability - Reflector: A thrown version of Fox's Reflector.
  • Entrance- Arrives from an Arwing.
  • Grab - Unknown

Role in adventure mode - When Bowser tries to turn Fox and Diddy Kong into trophies, Falco swoops in and destroys the Dark Cannon. Later, he drops Diddy off on the Smash Skiff to rescue Donkey Kong, and then goes to the Halberd to help fight against Duon.

Captain Falcon

Main article: Captain Falcon

The protagonist of the F-Zero series

  • Final Smash: Blue Falcon Captain Falcon summons his racer in front of him, hitting any enemies close enough. The enemies that are hit is placed on an F-Zero track where the Blue Falcon is seen speeding towards the enemy and running into them at full speed. Usually can KO at 0% if only one is caught.
  • Up B - Falcon Dive is when Capitan Falcon drives upwards. If he grabs an opponent, this move turns into a throw and sets them on fire.
  • Standard B - Falcon Punch is when Captain Falcon charges up a powerful punch that sends the foe flying. If you tilt the control stick in the opposite direction he's facing while charging up, it'll turn into a reverse Falcon punch.
  • Side B - Raptor Boost is when Captain Falcon charges quickly towards the opponent. If he hits them, they're sent upwards. He leapfrogs over the opponent if it connects in mid air.
  • Down B - Falcon Kick is when Captain Falcon performs a fast sliding kick. On the ground, this move travels straight but in mid air, it goes in a downwards angle.
  • Entrance: Comes out of the Blue Falcon
  • Grab - Unknown

Role in adventure mode - When a giant ROB attacks Olimar and his Pikmin, Captain Falcon rescues them. They later join with Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Samus, Pikachu, and the master ROB. They escape the Isle of the Ancients, which is about to explode, in Captain Falcon's Falcon Flyer.


Main article: Lucario

The aura Pokémon.

  • Final Smash: Aura Storm is when Lucario jumps up into the sky and fires a huge aura beam similar to Samus. The beam can be rotated to aim at opponents.
  • Up B: ExtremeSpeed is when Lucario dashes at high speed in a silmilar way to Pikachu's Quick attack. It also allows Lucario to cling onto any surface he encounters. Does no damage.
  • Standard B: Aura Sphere is when Lucario charges an aura energy ball. The higher Lucario's damage, the more powerful and quicker the Aura Sphere becomes.
  • Side Special Ability: Force Palm is when Lucario thrusts his hands forward, releasing a wave of aura. It changes its power depending on how close Lucario uses it at an enemy.
  • Down B: Double Team is when Lucario performs a stance. If an enemy attacks him at the correct time, he splits into two and launches a counterattack quickly.
  • note: lucario's attacks get stronger according to how much damage he has.
  • Entrance: Teleports onto the stage.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - When Meta Knight reaches the top of the mountain, Lucario challenges him to a duel. After that, they team up and board the Halberd, where they meet Snake. Later, Lucario helps fight Duon.


Main article: R.O.B.

The accessory from the NES days.

  • Final Smash: Diffusion Beam is when R.O.B. shoots a short-ranged death rays from his eyes. They can accumulate damage very quickly. This move gives frontal protection and makes way for high damaging combos.
  • Up B: Robo Burner is when R.O.B. hovers using his booster jets. Keep tilting the control stick up to continue using this move. He has a limited amount of fuel which will replenished when he lands.
  • Standard B: Robo Beam is when R.O.B. fires a straight, fast moving beam from his eyes. You can change the angle of the shot but you can not fire again immrdiately after use as there's not enough energy. If you wait before using this move, it turns into a Super Robo Beam.
  • Side Special Ability: Arm Rotor is when R.O.B. spins his arms around himself quickly. He can deflect projectiles with this move.
  • Down B: Gyro is when R.O.B. uses an item which can be charged up and thrown. Opponents can pick them up and use them too. There can only be one Gyro on the screen at a time.
  • Entrance: Assembles from pieces dropped from the sky.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Before the story starts, Tabuu blackmails ROB's people into inventing Subspace Bombs for the army. In shame, ROB becomes the Ancient Minister and places Subspace Bombs across the world. When Ganondorf orders the bombs to go off in the Isle of the Ancients, the Minister tries to stop him, but fails. As ROB, he joins Samus, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Olimar, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong.


Main article: Ganondorf

The antagonist of the Zelda series.

  • Final Smash: Beast Ganon is when Ganondorf transforms into the boar version of Ganondorf from Twilight Princess. He delivers two hits, a downward body slam which stuns opponents followed by a rushing tackle across the stage.[1]
  • Up B - Dark Dive is similar to Captain Falcon's Falcon Dive however, if Ganondorf connects with the opponents, they'll get zapped by electricity. If they're far off he'll hit them with darkness from his hands.
  • Standard B - Warlock Punch is similar to Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch but it's slower and a lot more powerful.
  • Side B - Flame Choke is when Ganondorf graps an opponent head and thumps them down. If he uses it in tha air, they're slammed downwards and can also KO both if nothing is below.
  • Down B - Wizard's Foot is similar to Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick except at in mid-air it spikes if hit at the start of the move.
  • Entrance- Emerges from a cloud of dark magic.
  • Grab - Unknown

Role in adventure mode - Ganondorf is a member of the Subspace Army, but he plans to take it over when the time is right. When he finally goes to meet Master Hand, he learns the army's true leader is Tabuu, who turns him into a trophy. Link and Zelda revive him and he helps them defeat Tabuu.

Mr. Game & Watch

Main article: Mr. Game & Watch

Nintendo's first notable character.

  • Final Smash: Octopus is when Mr. Game and Watch transforms into an Octopus and is able to move around in all directions. Press the buttons to move his tentacles which deal most damage at the tips. Can be used as an excellent edge guard, but be careful falling when reverting.
  • Up B - Fire is when two firefighter will launch Mr. Game and Watch up into the air with a firerug. He will then descent slowly with his parachute.
  • Standard B - Chef is when Mr. Game and Watch tosses sausages into the air with his frying pan.
  • Side B - Judgement is when Mr. Game and Watch attack with his hammer and a random number from 1-9 will appear over his head causing random effects. The 9 has the ability to KO at 100%.
  • Down B - Oil Panic is when Mr. Game and Watch gets out his bucket to absorb three projectiles. Then he will spill oil, causing massive amount of damage.
  • Entrance: Moves across a row of Game & Watch LCDs
  • Grab - Unknown

Role in adventure mode - Mr. Game & Watch is captured by Tabuu before the story's beginning. Tabuu uses the strange substance inside of him, Shadow Bugs, to create the Subspace Army. Many copies of him pilot the Halberd, and when Snake throws them out the window, they transform into Duon. After Duon's defeat, Mr. Game & Watch is set free.


Main article: Jigglypuff

The popular balloon Pokémon.

  • Final Smash: Puff Up is when Jigglypuff expands greatly, taking up space and causes enemies to bounce off of her. When she shouts, enemies that are touching her will take a massive hit. She immediately deflates after reaching max size.
  • Up B: Sing is when she sings to put anyone within her range to sleep (Note that only opponents on the ground can be affected by Sing). The higher they were damaged, the longer they fall asleep.
  • Standard B (hold): Rollout is when Jigglypuff charges up before rolling across the stage.
  • Side Special Ability: Pound makes Jigglypuff go forward a short distance with her arm out to punch an enemy.
  • Down B: Rest is when Jigglypuff takes a rest; if she overlaps her opponents while doing this, they are sent flying with a flower on their heads. This move has been powered down since the last games.
  • Entrance: Comes out of a Pokeball.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Jigglypuff is the one of the three characters not to have a role in the Subspace Emissary. It is found in a secret door, and will join you if you defeat her.

Toon Link

Main article: Toon Link

The young, cell-shaded version of Link. Designed after the Wind Waker version.

  • Final Smash: Triforce Slash A toon version of Link's Triforce Slash.
  • Up B - Spin Attack A toon version of Link's Spin Attack.
  • Standard B - Bow A toon version of Link's Bow except it is weaker, slower but travels further.
  • Side B - Boomerang A toon version of Link's Bommerang (not Gale Bommerang).
  • Down B - Bombs A toon version of Link's Bombs except it is weaker with a bigger blast radius.
  • Entrance: Appears from a toon style explosion.
  • Grab - Unknown

Role in adventure mode - Toon Link doesn't appear in the main story, but in a secret door in the Forest, you can encounter and fight Toon Link, and he'll join you if you defeat him.

Wolf O'Donnell

Main article: Wolf O'Donnell

The antagonist of the Star Fox series

  • Final Smash: Landmaster is Wolf's own remodeled Landmaster with the color scheme of the Wolfen. This landmaster has increased firepower and strength, but last shorter than Fox's Landmaster.
  • Up B: Rumored Fire Wolf Similar to Fire Fox and Fire Bird but with less charging time and sends him further upwards. However it has worse accuracy. There is no fire effect but he performs a powerful kick at the end of the dash.
  • Standard B: Blaster is a more powerful version of the regular blaster. It fires one shot at a time and the further it travels, the less damage it will do. There is a bayonet attached to it which can stun opponents.
  • Side Special Ability: Wolf Dash is silmilar to Fox Illusion and Falco Phantasm. However, this attack sends him further launching at a 35 degree angle.
  • Down B: Reflector is simliar to Fox and Falco's own reflector but this version can send projectiles back at twice the speed and can be used as a counterattack.
  • Entrance: Jumps out of his Wolfen
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - An optional character in Subspace Emissary. If you find a secret door in the Ruins, it'll take you to Lylat Cruise, where you will battle him.


Main article: Solid Snake

The first third party character that was announced on May 2006, from the Metal Gear Solid series.

  • Final Smash: Grenade Launcher is when Snake jumps into the air and climbs into his helicopter, which then takes him to the front of the screen. From there, he takes out his grenade launcher and aims and shoots at his opponents. He has 12 shots before he must return to the stage, with a reload after 6 shots.
  • Up Special Ability: Cypher is when Snake grabs onto his flying reconnaissance camera. Can regain it if he put a C4 on himself after losing it.
  • Standard Special Ability: Hand Grenade is when Snake pulls the pin out of a hand grenade. Snake can freely move around with this item and can toss it with three strength levels.
  • Side Special Ability: Guided Missile is when Snake fires a Nikita missile that can be controlled, but controlling it leaves Snake vulnerable.
  • Down Special Ability: C4 is when Snake plants a C4-type bomb that explodes from a remote, and does explode after a certain time. can be used for an infinite stall tactic in which snake drops in while falling, blows it up, causing him to fly up wards, and repeat. His down smash is a variant proximity mine in which takes slightly longer to set, and chargeable.
  • note: when tapping the taunt button, snake will go into a codec message, where one of Snake's comrades will give info on his opponent.
  • note: Snake's smash attack are extremely powerful, combined with decent speed, make him one of the most dangerous characters to fight. It's recommended to fight snake mid-far range.
  • Entrance: Snake jumps down, damaging his camoflouge system.
  • Grab: Snake grabs his opponents by covering their mouth and twisting their arm behind their back.

Role in adventure mode - Snake has been hiding on the Halberd in his cardboard box. When he travels through the ship, he meets and teams up with Meta Knight and Lucario. When they reach the control room, Snake throws all of the Game & Watches who were piloting the ship out the window, and they turn into Duon, who Snake helps fight.


Main article: Sonic the Hedgehog

The second third party character and former Nintendo competition.

  • Final Smash: Super Sonic is when Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, and freely flies through the screen doing damage when touching other players. Note that he CAN fly out the screen for a death.
  • Up Special Ability: Spring Jump is when a spring appears, causing Sonic to jump very high off it. When used on the ground, the spring remains and other characters can use it to jump from it.
  • Standard Special Ability: Homing Attack is when Sonic charges and hovers in the air, then homes in on his nearest opponent.
  • Side Special Ability: Spin Dash is when Sonic spins into a ball and charges sideways. He can charge this move to increase its power. When Sonic hits someone, he'll jump into the air automatically.
  • Down Special Ability: Spin Charge is just like to Spin Dash, except Sonic won't jump if he hits someone. This move can also be charged.
  • Entrance: Sonic jumps up from the side of the stage, using his Spin Dash.
  • Grab: Not Shown

Role in adventure mode - Towards the end of the story, Sonic appears and breaks one of Tabuu's wings, weakening his Off Wave powers. He then joins the other Smashers to fight Tabuu.


Master Hand

Main article: Master Hand

Crazy Hand

Main article: Crazy Hand

Fighting Alloy Team

Main article: Fighting Alloy Team


Main article: Tabuu

Ancient Minister

Main article: Ancient Minister

Petey Piranha

Main article: Petey Piranha


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Main article: Ridley


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Main article: Duon

Scrapped characters

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