These are characters from Rebelstar: Tactical Command.


Jorel is the main character from Rebelstar: Tactical Command, and mostly a simple fighter archetype. The tracking chip within his skull doesn't function due to his brain resisting the technology.

Manual Description

"Jorel is a young, idealistic, natural-born leader, determined to avenge the abduction of his entire family as they tried to fight against the abduction of his mother by the Zorn. Once his family were gone, Jorel traveled south to join the rebels. He is plagued by strange dreams in which a mysterious Arelian contacts him telepathically."


Ruby is a sniper from the Rebelstar: Tactical Command.

Manual Description

"Ruby is a skilled marksman from South America, and fled home as soon as she could. She was selected for special tests by the Arelians and was abducted at regular intervals. However, her skull implant malfunctioned after she fell in a riding accident and nearly lost her life. After being nurtured back to health by her mother and sister, she was urged to flee. She finally gathered the courage to run, after her mother was taken away by the Zorn."


Zak is heavy gunner from the Rebelstar: Tactical Command.

Manual Description

"Zak is a heavy weapons expert, and one of the older recruits at the training camp. He is immensely strong and loyal, but does not speak much about his past. He has had experience fighting the Zorn in his hometown, which rebelled "en masse" against abductions. He longs to find his younger sister, who fled before the town was attacked and his parents killed."


Jonlan is an non-playable character from the Rebelstar: Tactical Command. He is over 30, due to his brain resisting the skull implant.

Manual Description

"Jonlan is one the oldest, and grizzliest, rebel soldiers. He is in charge of training new recruits. He was once a highly respected leader. An incident occurred where many people perished in a raid where he commanded rebel troops. Although he was cleared of blame by the rebel tribunal, he opted for demotion out of a sense of guilt and responsibility."
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