This is a list of Pokémon that appear only in Pokéstar Studios.


Image Name Types Ability Series
Black Belt (PKMN) Black Belt FightingFighting Huge Power Timegate Traveler
Black Door Black Door GrassGrass Early Bird Mystery Doors of the Magical Land
Brycen-Man Brycen-Man DarkDark PsychicPsychic Levitate Brycen-man
Demon Demon DarkDark GhostGhost Wonder Guard Ghost Eraser
F-00 (1) F-00 SteelSteel NormalNormal Volt Absorb Everlasting Memories
F-00 (2) F-00 SteelSteel NormalNormal Reckless Everlasting Memories
Humanoid Humanoid NormalNormal Insomnia Red Fog of Terror
MT MT SteelSteel Analytic Big Monster
MT 2 M.T. 2 SteelSteel ElectricElectric Flash Fire Big Monster
Monica Monica NormalNormal Huge Power The Giant Woman!
Monster (Pokémon) Monster DarkDark Pressure Red Fog of Terror
Transport Transport SteelSteel Motor Drive Timegate Traveler
UFO (Pokémon) UFO FlyingFlying ElectricElectric Levitate Invaders
UFO (Pokémon) UFO 2 PsychicPsychic ElectricElectric Levitate Invaders
White Door White Door FireFire Blaze Mystery Doors of the Magical Land


  • All of the Pokémon that only appear in Pokéstar Studios have 100 for each of their base stats.
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