The following are a list of treasures in Pikmin 2.

The list


Succulent Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
11Cupid's GrenadeCherry120
22Sunseed BerrySmall Strawberry5170
33Combustion BerryLarge Strawberry12190
44Seed of GreedChestnut10100
55Disguised DelicacyHalf of a Kiwi1540
66Insect CondoApple1540
77Citrus LumpTangerine15180

Nature's Candy Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
88Spiny Alien TreatArtichoke450
99Anxious SproutSprout of Bamboo1550
1010Child of the EarthPotato1550
1111Love NuggetTomato2040
1212Infernal VegetableGreen Bell Pepper1230
1313Anti-hiccup FungusMushroom530
1414Toxic ToadstoolPoisonous Mushroom530
1515GrowshroomLarge Mushroom550
1616Onion ReplicaOnion2030

Xenoflora Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
1717Science ProjectFour-leaved Clover120
1818Pilgrim BulbPerennial Bulb1055
1919Arboreal FripperyMaple Leaf110
2020Conifer SpirePine Cone715
2121Armored NutSmall Acorn460
2222Corpulent NutLarge Acorn880

Gourmet Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
2323Meat of ChampionsSlice of Ham1035 
2424Hideous VictualFried Egg10100 
2525Meat SatchelSausage540 
2626Taste SensationRice Ball1540 
2727Triple Sugar ThreatDango660 

Sweet Tooth Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
2828Compelling CookieVanilla Swirl Cookie310
2929Impenetrable CookieChocolate Swirl Cookie825
3030Bug BaitVanilla Wafer515
3131Imperative CookieLarge Swirl Cookie525
3232Comfort CookieSmall Checkerboard Cookie410
3333Succulent MattressLarge Checkerboard Cookie850
3434King of SweetsChocolate Truffle515
3535Enamel BusterChocolate Cupcake with Nut860
3636Diet DoomerPink Truffle525
3737Pale PassionPistachio Truffle525
3838White GoodnessWhite Chocolate with Chocolate syrup860
3939Chocolate CushionChocolate Frosted Donut1040
4040Sweet DreamerStrawberry Frosted Donut1040
4141Confection HoopDonut2060
4242Pastry WheelPowdered Donut1035

Paleontology Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
4343Possessed SquashJack-o-Lantern30180
4444Fossilized UrsidaeWooden Bear Statue25160
4545Colossal FossilPrimate Skull20140
4646Leviathan FeatherFeather110
4747Olimarnite ShellAmmonite Fossil1540
4848Fortified DelicacyConch Shell2060
4949Scrumptious ShellScallop Shell Top Half1060
5050Memorial ShellScallop Shell Bottom Half10100
5151Mysterious RemainsCrab Claw8150

Ancient Secrets Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
5252Crystal KingLarge Crystal10110
5353Future OrbCrystal Ball25200
5454Gyroid BustHaniwa Sculpture10250
5555Unknown MeritJapanese Coin5100
5656Lustrous ElementGolden Coin101000
5757Mirrored ElementSilver Coin10300

Cook's Arsenal Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
5858Vorpal PlatterAluminum Can Lid1260
6060Milk TubCreamer Cup560
6161Merciless ExtractorFruit Juicer2090
6262Broken Food Master (NTSC) / Divine Cooking Tool (PAL)Ladle2090
6363Utter ScrapCrushed Can35170

Tortured Artist Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
6464Decorative GooBlue Paint Tube1080
6565Master's InstrumentSuper Mario Bros Pastel430
6666Manual HonerPencil Sharpener10130
6767Implement of ToilSmall Double-Ended Pencil255
6868Heavy-duty MagnetizerHorseshoe Magnet10150
6969Harmonic SynthesizerCastanet10120
7070Emperor WhistleWhistle1575
7171Director of DestinyBroken Compass20100

Modern Amenities Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
7272Sud GeneratorSoap2060
7373Flame of TomorrowBox of Matches1010
7474Impediment ScourgeBottle Opener1050
75 ---Dimensional SlicerCan Opener8100
7675Time CapsuleLocket with a Dog Picture770
7776Lip ServiceLipstick450
7877Mirrored StagePowder Case15140
7978Behemoth JawMaxillary (upper jaw) Denture20100

Frigid Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
8079Joy ReceptacleChristmas Present1560
8180Fleeting Art FormSmall Candle275
8281Danger ChimeGolden Bell10120
8382Spouse AlertSleigh Bell10120
8483Innocence LostChristmas Tree Star15100
8584Essential FurnishingChristmas Ornament5100
8685Icon of ProgressChristmas Stocking1585

Hyper-technology Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
8786Temporal MechanismPocket Watch30110
8887Mystical DiscClock Face675
8988Vacuum ProcessorFEE Processor10100
9089Indomitable CPUPreceding Person System Processor10100
9190Network MainbrainNCL Processor10100
9291Space Wave ReceiverTV Dial1080
9392Sulking AntennaTV Antenna35150
9493Nouveau TablePhone Dial25100

Industrial Set

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
9594Omega FlywheelRusty Gear2060
9695Spirit FloggerHollow Rusty Gear2070
9796Superstrong StabilizerShiny Bolt1060
9897Repair JuggernautRusty Bolt2085
9998Adamantine GirdleLug nut2070
10099Massage GirdleFlat Lug nut20100
101100Superstick TextileTape3080
102101Exhausted SuperstickOld Tape1250
103102Furious AdhesiveRed Tape1060

Husband's Tears Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
104103Petrified HeartHeart-Shaped Diamond5100
105104Eternal Emerald EyeBroach with Green Diamond20150
106105Regal DiamondDiamond5100
107106Tear StoneTear-Shaped Sapphire5150
108107Princess PearlPearl Earring5100
109108Crystal CloverClover-Shaped Broach20150

Space Love Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
110109Unspeakable WonderCrown of Princess Peach30120
111110Essence of RageRuby Mounted on Silver Circle870
112111Essence of DespairEmerald Mounted on Silver Circle680
113112Essence of True LoveSapphire Mounted on Gold Square560
114113Essence of DesireAmethyst Mounted on Gold Square890
115114Pink MenacePink Heart Mounted on Gold Ring5100
116115Joyless JewelGreen Heart Mounted on Silver Ring5100
117116Frosty BaubleBlue Square Mounted on Gold Ring5100
118117Gemstar WifePink Star Mounted on Silver Ring5100
119118Gemstar HusbandGreen Star Mounted on Gold Ring5100
120119Universal ComBlue Square Mounted on Silver Ring5100

Crystallized Emotion Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
121120Omniscient SphereSmall Orange Marble185
122121Crystallized TelepathyLarge Red Marble10120
123122Love SphereSmall Yellow Marble185
124123Crystallized TelekinesisLarge Yellow Marble10120
125124Mirth SphereSmall Blue Marble185
126125Crystallized ClairvoyanceLarge Blue Marble10120

Dream Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
127126Maternal Sculpture Baby Bottle Top1555
128127Extreme PerspiratorWobbling Doll15150
129128Rubber UglyRubber Duck890
130129Paradoxical EnigmaRubber Duck's Head480
131130SilencerBaby Doll Head20670
132131Wiggle NogginCat Bobble-head1585
133132Coiled LauncherOld, rusty spring1570
---133Magical StageBaby Toy30150
134 ---Boom ConeFirework Cone10100
135134Flame TillerYo-Yo20120
136135Doomsday Apparatus1k Training Weight10003000
137136Aquatic MineFishing Bobber380
138 ---Stupendous LensMagnifying Glass10120
139137Air BrakeBadmitton Birdie15100
140138Worthless StatueWhite King Chess Piece1080
141139Priceless StatueBlack Queen Chess Piece1080
142140Boss StoneShogi King Tile8110
143141Luck WaferAce of Spades Playing Card1140
144142Talisman of LifeHanafuda playing card1590
145143Strife MonolithMahjong tile12150
146144Chance TotemSix-sided Die15100

Blast from the Past Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
147145Dream ArchitectGame and Watch20280
148146Stone of GloryControl Pad5100
149147Glee SpinnerNGC Control Stick6140
150148Cosmic ArchiveFamicom Disk15230
151149Remembered Old BuddyROB's head30250
152150Fond Gyro BlockRed ROB Gyro Block580
153151Memorable Gyro BlockYellow ROB Gyro Block580
154152Lost Gyro BlockGreen ROB Gyro Block580
155153Favorite Gyro BlockBlue ROB Gyro Block580
156154Treasured Gyro BlockWhite ROB Gyro Block580

Mystical Energy Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
157155Proton AAAA Duracell Battery690
158156Durable Energy CellC Duracell Battery15160
159157Courage ReactorD Duracell Battery20280
160158Fuel Reservoir9-Volt Duracell Battery8120

Massive Receptacle Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
---159Container of KnowledgeSardines Container20130
---160Container of Sea BountyHerring Container20130
161172Drone SuppliesDeviled Ham Spread Container (NTSC) / Haribo Sweets (PAL)15130
162161Patience TesterWater Chestnuts Container20130
163162Perfect Container (PAL) / Endless Repository (NTSC)Sardine Container20130
---164Endless RepositorySardine Container (NTSC) / Baby Clams Container (PAL)2030
164 ---Fruit GuardApple Juice Container15130
---165Open ArchitectureOpen Can of Salmon20130
---166Permanent ContainerICC Sealed Tin20130
---167Empty Space ContainerOpen Shellfish Can20130
---168Stringent ContainerCorned Beef Can (PAL) / Baking Powder Container (NTSC)10130
---169Open ArchiveOpen Bean Tin20130
165170Nutrient SiloSkippy Peanut Butter Container15130
166163Stringent Container (NTSC) / Survival Container (PAL)Baking Powder Container10130
---171Plentiful TankHoney Jar850

Survival Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
167 ---Survival OintmentChapstick690
168 ---Healing CaskCarmex660

Ancient Ad Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
169(179 different object with same name)Abstract MasterpieceSnapple Cap6 30
170 ---Optical IllustrationRagu Cap15140
171 ---Thirst ActivatorTree Top Cap20300
172173Yellow Taste TyrantFrench's Yellow Cap15100
173174SalivatrixDannon Cap2030
174175Gherkin GateVlasic Cap15100
175176Alien BillboardKiwi Shoe Polish Cap1580
176(181 different object with same name)Activity ArouserWilson Tennis Balls Cap15100

Odd Logo Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
177177Hypnotic PlatterA&W Bottle Cap (NTSC) / Vita-malz Cap4100
178 ---Massive LidYoo Hoo Cola Bottle Cap4100
179180Pondering EmblemYoo Hoo Chocolate Milk Bottle Cap (NTSC) / Tizer Cap (PAL)4100
180178Happiness EmblemSquirt Bottle Cap (NTSC) / Fristi Cap (PAL)4100
(169 different object with same name) 179 Abstract Masterpiece PscHitt! Cap4100
(176 different object with same name)181Activity ArouserSinalco Cap430
181182Quenching Emblem7-Up Bottle Cap4100
182183Drought EnderDr. Pepper Bottle Cap4100
183 ---Creative InspirationRoyal Crown Cola Bottle Cap4100

Explorer's Friend Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
184184Spherical AtlasTop Half of a Globe101200
185185Geographic ProjectionBottom Half of a Globe101200
186186Prototype DetectorLove Tester Toy35200
187187Five-man NapsackGlove15100
188188Brute KnucklesToy Punching Glove15100
189189Repugnant AppendageOld, dirty shoe20100
190190Stellar OrbLight Bulb5100
191191Forged CourageRed Robot Toy20100
192192Dream MaterialBig Eraser10100
193193Justice AlloyBlue Robot Toy20100
194194Amplified AmplifierStereo Speaker20100
195195Professional NoisemakerMegaphone15100
196196The KeyGold Key1100

Titan Dweevil Series

NTSC #PAL #NameReal world objectWeightValue
197197Shock TherapistElectric Generator301000
198198Flare CannonCamping stove301000
199199Comedy BombPoison Gas Generator301000
200200Monster PumpFaucet with Pressure Gauge301000
201201King of BugsLouie110
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