This page is a list of Nintendo themed Funko Pops. Funko Pops are a type of figure made in an exaggerated chibi style made by Funko.

Pokémon themed figures



The first Nintendo themed Funko Pop is Pikachu, which was announced around February 2019 alongside Bulbasaur. A 10 inch version of both was later unveiled.



Bulbasaur was originally announced alongside the Pikachu figure around February 2019. Like Pikachu, it later recieved a 10 inch version release later the same year.



Charmander is the first Pokémon themed Funko Pop to have been announced after the initial two. Charmander was announced in March 2019 and lacks a 10 inch version unlike the other two.

A Day With Pikachu

Along side the announcement of the Bulbasaur and Pikachu Funko Pop figures, Funko also announced that they would be making a line of Pokémon Center exclusive Pikachu figures known as A Day With Pikachu. The first of the figures was released in February 2019 with a new figure set to release each month until January 2020. There are set to be 12 figures in the series.

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