This is a list of different companies that either are devoted suportors, or are owned by Nintendo. First party companies are companies that are owned by Nintendo, second parties make games only for Nintendo, and third parties make exclusive games for Nintendo and other companies such as Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo headquarters and primary offices

Nintendo Central Research & Development (Japan)

Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development

Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development, (formerly Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development) or Nintendo EPD for short, is the largest division within Nintendo, consisting of various developers who create Nintendo's most popular games. Sometimes they'll even get involved with hardware. The divisions within Nintendo EAD include:

Nintendo Software Planning and Development

Nintendo Software Planning and Development's main purpose was to assist other developers in creating Nintendo published video games, though they themselves also develop original titles. They were consolidated into Nintendo EPD with EAD. The divisions of SPD included:

  • Nintendo SPD Production Group 1 - Rhythm series, WarioWare series, Metroid series, Tomodachi series
  • Nintendo SPD Production Group 2 - Fire Emblem series, Tetris DS, Puzzle League series, Pokémon series (Japanese partners)
  • Nintendo SPD Production Group 3 - Metroid Prime series, Battalion Wars series, Punch-Out!!, Super Mario Strikers series (Western partners), Paper Mario
  • Nintendo SPD Production Group 4Mario Party series, Mario & Luigi series, Mario Sports spin-offs, Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Software Design & Development

Nintendo Software Design & Development has developed numerous products for the Wii and Nintendo DS ranging from the Wii channels to Photo Dojo on DSiWare.

  • Nintendo Software Design & Development 1 - Products
  • Nintendo Software Design & Development 2 - Products

Nintendo Platform Technology Development

Nintendo Platform Technology Development is Nintendo's Hardware division. It was formed in 2015 with Company President Tatsumi Kimishima combining Nintendo Integrated Research and Development with Nintendo System Development.

Nintendo Integrated Research and Development

Nintendo Integrated Research and Development (Nintendo IRD for short) designed Nintendo hardware and accessories since their Arcade days in the mid 1970s

Nintendo Research and Engineering

Nintendo Research and Engineering designed Nintendo handhelds and handheld accessories including the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and more. They were combined with Nintendo IRD in 2013.

Nintendo System Development

Nintendo System Development began as the Nintendo Special Planning Department where it worked on low profile hardware like the e-Reader and Pokéwalker. It was turned into Nintendo Network Business & Development in 2011 and added the Nintendo Network Planning Group. In 2013, it was turned into Nintendo System Development and

  • Nintendo Network Development & Operations Department - System Applications and Network services
  • Nintendo Environment Development Department - Software Development Kits and Online Infrastructure
  • Nintendo Mechanical Design Group (Dissolved) - Hardware design and associated software

Nintendo Network Service Database

Formerly known as Wii no Ma, Nintendo Network Service Database operates Nintendo Network service in conjunction with Nintendo Network Development & Operations

Nintendo Business Operation Technology

Nintendo Business Operation Technology assists in the development of video games developed by companies outside of Nintendo.

  • Nintendo Business Operation Technology

Nintendo Research & Development Subsidiaries

  • Nintendo Software Technology Corporation - Wave Race: Blue Storm, 1080° Avalanche, Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, Metroid Prime Hunters, Nintendo Puzzle Collection, others.
  • Nintendo Technology Development- development kits and co-develops the hardware
  • Nintendo European Research & Development - Formerly Mobiclip. While it doesn't develop games, it does develop software. Wii U Chat, Wii U Internet Browser, NES Classic's emulator

Sales and marketing


Nintendo Subsidiary Software Development

Nintendo Satellite Software Development

Former Second Parties

Nintendo Partner Development Studios