These are the minigames in Mario Party: Island Tour. They are sorted by minigame type.


NA Regions Name PAL Regions Name
Claiming the Cube
Rope a Slope Abseiling Antics
Tragic Carpet Ride Mind Over Mattermouth
Stretch Run Stop or Drop
Grid is Good Points Pile-Up
Color Me Fast Sketchbook Scribble
Musical Snares Balance Beat
Buzz a Fuzzy Ready, Aim, Fuzzy!
Cannonball! Wind Me Up!
Goomba to Maneuver Tour and Simple
Kabob and Weave Squish Kebab
Tap Dash Find it First
Tanks a Lot Koopa Koliseum
Xylophone Home Strike a Chord
Mild Gunman Ready, Steady, Splat!
Spin the Bubble
Rat-a-tat Flat Scaredy Flat
Tile Savvy Slide and Solve
Hide 'n' Splat Tox Box Shocks
Slow Glide Balloon Glider
Sub Trouble Submarine Subterfuge
Garden of Eatin' Blooming Nuisance
Peep a Peepa Scary Spotlight
Puzzle Pronto Puzzle Hamper
Truckin' and Cluckin' Hen Party
Color Correction Whose Hue?
Get Reel The Reel Thing
Top This Cherry on the Cake
Slip 'n' Slip Ice Shelf Shuffle
Pachinko Wizard Egg Drop
No-Traction Action
Blown Hover Hover Havoc
Slow G Spacehopping
Spin and Bear It
Fisticlouds Shuffle Scuffle
Starring Artist
Pokey Corral Pokey Peril
Hare Today Rabbit Round-Up
Great Bars of Fire
Deck Hunt Skateboard Scramble
Paddle Skedaddle Up the Creek
Fuel Me Once Can't Fuel Me!
Git Along, Goomba Goomba Rodeo
Cheepers Keepers Hook, Line and Cheep Cheep
Drive for Show Hot Shot in One
Hop Till You Drop
Helter Shellter
Meteor Melee
Bumper Thumper Dodge and Drive
Horror Harriers Jeepers Peepas
Cheep Diamonds Cheepers Keepers
Slip Not Ice Cavern Cascades
Trounce 'n' Bounce
Mad Ladders Rung Direction
Squish You Were Here
Go with the Floe
Pool Buoy Beach Ball Bedlam
Amp My Style Beat the Buzz
Magmathon Hot-Scotch
Shrub Hubbub Ex-tree-me Gardening
Quickest Cricket Grasshopalong
Diamond a Dozen Diamond Drop
Flip Out Let Sleeping Flomps Lie
Bob-omb Aplomb Kick Kick Boom
Gyro for the Gold Rolling Racer
Point 'n' Shoot Seaside Snapshot
Match Faker Hide and Sketch
Sky'd and Seek
Utter Nonsense


NA Regions Name PAL Regions Name
Goomba Tower Takedown Goomba Tower Attack
Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge Chain Chomp Showdown
Mr. Blizzard's Snow Slalom Abominable Avalanche
King Bob-omb's Court of Chaos King Bob-omb's Conveyor Belt Cannon
Dry Bowser's Brain Bonk Dry Bowser's Bone Bash
Bowser's Sky Scuffle Bowser's Ballistic Blowout


NA Regions Name PAL Regions Name
Three House Fall Into Line
Emergency Hexit Chain Challenge
Star Turn Starlight Connection


NA Regions Name PAL Regions Name
The Choicest Voice Soundalike Star Show
Ka-Goomba! Goombas Galore
Sinking Feeling Towers and Infernos
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