This is a list of all the treasures found in Hey! Pikmin.


Treasure Name Real Object Sparklium
Abandoned Husk A carved pumpkin 100
Alien Ceremony A Balloon Fight cartridge
Almighty Ruiner
Altitudinal Unlimiter
Anti-Routine Screen A partial mask
Apotheosis of Balance
Attention-Getting Logo A The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX cartridge 200
Attitude Adjuster A ring with a diamond 100
Authoritative Obelisk A gold trophy
Automatic Fortune-Teller
Beneficial Intelligence
Berserker Brush An electric toothbrush 400
Bond Impressor
Champion Belt
Classical Sculpture
Conformity Enhancers
Consolation Prize (NA)

Blues Eradicator (EU)

A ring with a sapphire 100
Constitution Gate (NA)

Attractive Gate (EU)

A horseshoe magnet
Creativity Stimulator A lightbulb
Deluxe Something-or-Other
Despair-o-Sphere A spade encased in a crystal ball 100
Distinguished Speaker
Distortion Chamber
Dual Wheeler
Dutiful Watchdog
Enduring Partnership
Ever-Night Windows
Everyday Cell A blue battery 100
Evidence Pulverizer A square eraser 100
Extended Hand of Friendship
Flashy Monument
Flauntulent Bauble
Frozen Stranger
Getaway Vehicle
Giant Rodent Skull A wireless mouse 200
Giga Whistle A whistle 100
Gigaton Bag
Grown-Up Dynamo (NA)

Grown-Up Cell (EU)

A red D battery 200
Hairy Serpent Fossil
Handy Hand 200
Herbivore Molars
Humor Implant (NA)

Humour Implant (EU)

Hypno Pendulum A blue yo-yo 100
Independence Monument
Inevitable Tragedy A Super Mario Bros. cartridge 400
Inspiration Signal
Instant Planetarium
King's Sanctum
Life-Form Prototype
Loop of Beginnings A ring with a pearl 100
Lopsided Barbell
Manifested Time Container
Menacing Crusher
Metal Bagel
Metamorphocistern (NA)

Metamorphosis Tank (EU)

Missed Connection
Mood Slicer
Museum-Quality Egg
Nostalgic Buckler
Numerical Monument
Ominous Vault
One-Way Time Machine
Ornamental Cycle
Parting Tape A cassette
Peace Missile A dip pen 400
Personal Odor Shield (NA)

Personal Odour Shield (EU)

Preservation Door A blue SD card 100
Primitive Saw
Private Castle
Probable Teapot A bronze-like trophy 200
Quantum Traveler (NA)

Quantum Traveller

Quid Pro Quo-Yo
Rarely Seen Cell
Revenge Fantasy An Ice Climber cartridge 400
Rocket Polish A tube of toothpaste 200
Royal Suite
Scallop Spring
Scoot-Over Bench
Scoreless Dartboard
Self-Reflection Engine
Shimmering Skull
Silence Breaker
Single's Seesaw (NA)

Single's See-Saw (EU)

Slimmerized Cell (NA)

Slimmerised Cell (EU)

Sloshy Nostalgia (NA)

Concentrated Nostalgia (EU)

Smile Detector A digital camera
Snack Vault An opened can of conserves 200
Song Sewer A harmonica 400
Sonic Relaxant 400
Sorcerer's Wand
Star-Beaten Jewel
Starship Bones
Stoic Head
Stopped Doomsday Clock
Stuck Compass
Sunset Engine
Sunset Projector
Tandem Sword A pair of scissors 400
Tangerine Paste
Teeny Power Plant
Tempting Vision
The Real Magic
Thoroughbred Statue
Tiny Jumbo Jet
Training Rocket
Twisty Pick
Ultra-Sealed Aquarium A can of tuna 200
Un-Damaging Javelin (NA)

Lefty-Loosey Lance (EU)

Unassuming Lighthouse A white pawn 100
Unbelievable Spinner
Unexamined Nest
Unremarkable Spinner
Unstrung Racket
Vacated Baby Buggy
Value Band
Well-Loved Gauge
Whisper Broadcaster
Work-Life Imbalancer
Zappy Safe 100
Zoo of the Future

Amiibo Treasures

Treasure Name Real Object Sparklium
Spellbound Friends Pikmin Amiibo 200
Oversized Replica Olimar Amiibo 200
Collosus in Suspenders Mario Amiibo 200
Priceless Artifact Gold Mario Amiibo 200
Great Man Silver Mario Amiibo 200
Unsung Hero Luigi Amiibo 200
Memento of Love Princess Peach Amiibo 200
Incomprehensible Life-Form Yoshi Amiibo 200
Fashion Mystery Rosalina Amiibo 200
Fearsome Boss Bowser Amiibo 200
Gaudy Goon Wario Amiibo 200
Powerful Pencil-Pusher Donkey Kong Amiibo 200
Barrel of Laughs Diddy Kong Amiibo 200
Anatomical Enigma Toad Amiibo 200
My Princess Daisy Amiibo 200
Insensitive Lout Waluigi Amiibo 200
Fanged Marshmallow Boo Amiibo 200
Buisness Pet Isabelle Amiibo 200
Imaginary Friend Isabelle Amiibo 200
Seated Strummer K.K. Slider Amiibo 200
Uncomfortable Swaddler Tom Nook Amiibo 200
Uniformed Crew Timmy & Tommy Amiibo 200
Apron Model Mabel Amiibo 200
Rosy-Outlooked Trotter Reese Amiibo 200
Hair-Trigger Furbal Cyrus Amiibo 200
Solemnity Party Chairman Digby Amiibo 200
Unblinking Guilt Reflector Rover Amiibo 200
Subterranean Menace Mr. Resetti Amiibo 200
Argyle Collector Blathers Amiibo 200
Midnight Dreamer Celeste Amiibo 200
Inadequacy Wellspring Kicks Amiibo N/A
Embarrassment Target Kapp'n Amiibo 200
Painted Alien Lottie Amiibo 200
Exhausted Soldier Inkling Girl Amiibo 200
Electric-Lime Hairdo Green Inkling Girl Amiibo 200
Squirting Squirt Inkling Boy Amiibo 200
Devious Drencher Purple Inkling Boy Amiibo 200
Chartreuse Arrow Green Inkling squid Amiibo 200
Uplifting Arrow Orange Inkling squid Amiibo 200
Sparkling Ingenue Callie Amiibo 200
Chilled-Out Cucumbress Marie Amiibo 200
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