Below you'll see all the accessories for the Nintendo Gamecube

Accessories List

First-party/licensed by Nintendo

  • Gamecube Controller - Released alongside the GameCube console, the standard GameCube controller has a wing grip design. It connects to the console's controller ports via a 2 m/6.5 ft cable. The GameCube controller provides haptic feedback by way of a built-in rumble motor rather than using an external Rumble Pak add-on like the Nintendo 64 controller. Also unlike its predecessor, this controller does not feature any expansion capabilities. The controller features a total of six digital buttons, two analog sticks, a d-pad, and two hybrid analog triggers/digital buttons.
  • Wavebird Controller - The WaveBird Controller is a radio frequency-based wireless controller based on the same design as the standard controller. It communicates with the GameCube system wirelessly through a receiver dongle connected to one of the system's controller ports. It is powered by two AA batteries. As a power-conservation measure, the WaveBird lacks the rumble function of the standard controller.
  • DK Bongos - DK Bongos were designed for use with the music games Donkey Konga, Donkey Konga 2 and Donkey Konga 3, and the Donkey Kong platform title Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
  • Panasonic Q - it's A GameCube That Can Play DVDs It has its own DVD Remote Control and controller even a Gameboy player it enhances your Gamecube Gaming
  • Game Boy Player - The Game Boy Player allows Game Boy, Color, and Advance games to be played on the television, using either a GameCube controller or a connected Game Boy Advance (which connects to the standard controller Port). you must have the Startup disc to power it on.
  • Modem and Broadband adapters - The Modem adapter and Broadband adapter were developed by Nintendo to provide internet and LAN networking capabilities to the GameCube. Only eight games support the devices. Both connect to Serial Port 1.
  • ASCII Keyboard Controller - ASCII keyboard controller resembles a standard GameCube controller pad stretched to accommodate an alphanumeric keyboard in the center. The keyboard requires the use of two controller ports and contains both Latin and Japanese hiragana characters. It was developed for use with Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II It was still an excellent option for those who wanted to chat with their friends online
  • Game Boy Player Controller - The Hori Game Boy Player Controller is a controller designed to play with the Game Boy Player. The controller is in the shape of a SNES control pad. It does not include the Control Stick or C-Stick, and the R and L buttons lack a range of pressure sensitivity this only uses the D-Pad for movement and the usual buttons for playing or a few 3D GameCube games that do support D-pad movement.
  • Action Pad - The Mario game Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix which plugs into a controller socket on the GameCube Then, standing in the center of the mat, The pad has 4 directional buttons, A, B, Z and start buttons Of course, as the difficulty rises, moves such as jumps to step on two arrows at the same time are required, when they must move around the mat quickly.
  • RF Switch/modulator - The RF Switch/modulator is an adapter that was used for connection to older televisions that did not support composite audio/video sockets.
  • Beat Pad -  Mad Catz Beat Pad It was included with the game MC Groovz Dance Craze but It has 8 directional arrows Z And Start button
  • GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable - The GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable was used for games that support connectivity between the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance
  • e-Reader - The e-Reader was an early version of DLC from Nintendo. Gamers had to buy the e-Reader itself, along with card packs. The e-Cards had the potential to unlock exclusive items, mini-games, or even extra levels. The device was used with the Game Boy Advance. If the GBA was connected to the GameCube, it could also unlock hidden content on console games. Gamers would load the Game Boy Player Start-up Disc into the console, then insert the e-Reader into the Game Boy Player. After turning on the console, the e-Reader screen would appear. 
  • Hori Fighting Stick - Hori arcade stick controller does not support the control stick or C-stick functionality. The system treats the stick like the D-pad on a standard controller, so it is ideal for games that can be played with the D-pad, such as fighting games and shoot 'em ups. 
  • Memory Card - Memory cards for the GameCube were available in three different capacities Memory Card 59 (4 Mbit) 251 (16 Mbit) and 1019 (64 Mbit). A maximum of 127 files can be stored on a single card. Each card requires 5 blocks of system data. 
  • SD Card adapter - The SD Card Adapter plugs into the memory card slot. For use with games exhibiting the SD Card logo, such as Animal Forest e+.
  • Pedometer and Walking Pad Controller - The game Ohenro-San: Hosshin no Dojo. Came with a walking mat controller that would measure the distances you walked And a pedometer That would use the steps you had accumulated, downloaded that data to the game. This game had unique gameplay mechanics. 

Third Party

  • Chainsaw Controller - This official Capcom licensed GC controller was made by NubyTec. It’s a yellow bodied chainsaw shaped controller that contains every button that is found on a regular GC controller. Also, each one has a unique ‘blood’ splash pattern making no two the same. It comes on a display stand molded to look like wood with rocks.
  • AfterGlow Pro Controller - The Pelican Accessories The controller comes in a clear case that will light up without any additional modifications. Though the controller may be too bright and you can play in the dark without any issues.
  • Hip Screen - The Hip Screen is a controller that features a small full-color LCD screen, that could attach to the GameCube's controller allowing the user to play games without the use of a TV. Its size was roughly that of the Game Boy Advance, so games that had very fine text could not be well-read on it.
  • Speed Force Racing Wheel - Logitech racing wheel controller with its respective pedals, and you will be able to give this a spin with the bunch of racing games
  • Gamecube Carrying Case - Carrying case for both game discs and the GameCube itself in various sizes and shapes and use an NGC model number.
  • GameCube Smart Joy - An adapters which allow PlayStation and PlayStation 2 controllers to be used on the GameCube have been produced players could enjoy a smaller joystick instead. Unfortunately, not all of the controller's special features worked
  • Intec LCD Screen -  This snap-on LCD screen makes the GameCube more portable powered by the GameCube's power supply and connects to the console's digital AV outlet you could attach a battery pack
  • Intec Portable Battery Pack - Intec produced a battery pack which can be attached securely to the bottom of a GameCube, offering about two hours worth of game time on a charge. It was designed to work with an LCD screen.
  • MAX Drive - The MAX Drive consists of a dongle, USB cable, and a PC software disc, which allows the user to upload game saves from a memory card to a PC to be stored there or sent over the Internet. However, there have been reports of this device corrupting save files, not always connecting to a PC, and sometimes refusing to receive information from the PC.
  • MAX Memory - The MAX Memory is a 128 Mb dongle by Datel that contains up to 2048 blocks of data.
  • SD Media Player - The SD Media Player allows videos and other downloadable media to be played on a GameCube Movies and media are transferred to the included 1 or 2 GB Micro SD card, that is then inserted into a dongle for the GameCube and into memory card slot B. The kit also includes boot disc, SD adapter (for use on the Wii in GameCube mode), USB micro SD card adaptor, and a small remote control for easy management.
  • FreeLoader - FreeLoader disables the regional lockout in the GameCube, allowing games from any region (PAL, NTSC, NTSC-J, etc.) to be played on a console from any region. Some Freeloaders are compatible with the Wii, allowing out of region GameCube games on it
  • Advanced Game Port - The Advance Game Port is Datel's version of the Game Boy Player. This dongle connects to memory card slot B and is booted up with the included boot disc. Some models have code generators for built-in cheat devices. The advantage is that no removal of plates on the bottom, no tools, are needed to install it. 
  • Powerboard - The Powerboard is a USB keyboard by Datel with a GameCube adapter that could be used with the online Phantasy Star games and to edit/add codes to the Action Replay. 
  • Action Replay -  is a cheat device made by Datel, allowing gamers to enter codes to cheat at games. A FreeLoader is also included with the software. It contains a boot disc with the codes and startup, and a dongle that connects into memory card slot B. The dongle has less memory than a normal memory card and thus is usually only useful for saving co or save files that only take up 1 or 2 memory blocks. The Action Replay save file can be copied onto other memory cards, as well, allowing for one person to share their codes with someone who may have an earlier version of Action Replay 
  • Action Replay MAX - Action Replay MAX is an Action Replay with a bigger dongle. The dongle can save codes and can be used as a 64 Mb card with 1019 blocks.
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